Amazon Synod: The Problem Lies in Laudato Si


A disconcerting document like the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod can only be understood as the outcome of the constant growth of an ecologist current in the Church, which had its official recognition and therefore elevation to doctrine in the encyclical Laudato Si (2015). The turning point represented by the encyclical on the environment

German Catholic Relief Agencies Fuel Synod’s Push for Change

Mons Franz-Josef Overbeck

Working through REPAM, which has been assigned a key role in organizing the synod, the German Church agencies have provided substantial funding related to the controversial upcoming Pan-Amazon synod. VATICAN CITY — The heads of two German Church aid agencies, which the Register has learned have made significant financial and other contributions toward preparing for

The Left-wing Media and The Amazon Synod: Hand-in-Hand with Indigenism

The national and international media have pulled out all the stops to publicize Cacique Raoni’s trip to European countries, including his interview with French president Emmanuel Macron and his visit with Pope Francis. Unsurprisingly, the same media kept railing against Brazil and its government, and emphasizing that the Indian chief’s journey aimed at denouncing Brazil

Bishop Schneider’s full statement on Amazon Synod working document

In his July 14 interview with ORF [an Austrian national public service broadcaster], Bishop Kräutler said that it is “nearly a scandal” that, in many parishes in the Amazon, the Holy Eucharist is barely being celebrated. This way of speaking in itself is already unclear and definitely tendentious. No one has a right to the

Indigenous Anthropology: A Cultural Revolution that Threatens Christian Latin America (II)

Rousseau (above) saw savage society as a model of authentic society. Diametrically opposed, the Spanish missionary State gave natives great spiritual and temporal benefits. (Below) Missions in Upper Peru (now Bolivia) Attack on Reason; Violence and Sin Revolutionary anthropologists often reject reason and praise irrationality, an attitude typical of those who feel attracted by the

Caravan Journal – First Week

As the Caravan to collect signatures in the Amazon Region continues, Synod Watch will be publishing day-by-day impressions of the campaigns, written by an American volunteer. Monday, July 8, 2019 – Cuiabá, Brazil |First Day of Caravan Today was the start of the Caravan, launched by the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute (IPCO), that will

“Politically Correct” Ecology: An Impious and Inhumane Ideology

From “politically correct” to “ecologically correct” Contemporary culture is dominated by a new form of ideological dictatorship to which everything is adapted and sacrificed: the “politically correct”. This is well described in a recent book titled Politicamente corretto. Storia di una ideologia (“Politically Correct: The History of an Ideology”) (Editrice Marsilio, Venice 2018), written by

Synods Manipulated to Build the “New Church”

The management of the last two synods of bishops and, at least until now, of the coming Synod on the Amazon seems destined to kill the Synod as such by emptying it of authority and reducing it to a set of ecclesiastical policy moves agreed in advance. When the Synod on the Amazon is held,

Cardinal Müller: Amazon Synod is a ‘pretext for changing the Church’

(LifeSiteNews) — In a forceful new interview, Cardinal Gerhard Müller has said the upcoming synod of bishops on the Amazon is “a pretext for changing the Church.”   “The fact that it is being held in Rome is intended to underline the beginning of a new church,” he added. In the July 11 interview with La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (see full