Review of the Aviator betting: real money game

aviator money plane

Aviator is a popular certified slot machine with high winning chances. The game’s essence is that the aircraft moves in an ascending line.

The player places a bet and withdraws funds until the plane has departed. The Aviator bet game is considered lost if the player does not have time. The machine is adapted for PC, tablets, and smartphones.

What is the Aviator game

Aviator is a well-known addictive Aviator bet game. It cannot be called a slot in most cases, it is classified as a separate application in online casinos. The machine aims to place a bet and withdraw funds while the plane is flying along a tangent line. The sound effect of a flying aircraft accompanies the gameplay. It is worth noting the clear modern graphics of the machine.

You will not find classic reels and pay lines in this activity. There is a curved line along which the coefficient is determined. The higher the plane takes off, the higher the coefficient you will get. Also, the player can communicate with other participants in the game, follow the results, and has a chance to enter the top three.

aviator bet game screen

You should guess when you need to withdraw money to win. You can also use tactics and strategies to win. The complexity of the Aviator lies in the fact that you do not know at what moment the plane will take off, but from the moment it takes off and climbs, the coefficients increase. It is impossible to cheat the game; the random number generator is responsible for the gameplay.

Where to play Aviator? Licensed online casinos offer to play the Aviator game for free and for money. Also, a demo version is available on the official website of the Spribe developer. The activity suits all players; you do not need much gambling experience to win.

How Aviator Game works

What is aviator bet game from Spribe? Aviator belongs to the category of crash games. The player places an Aviator bet and withdraws funds before the plane takes off. The Provably Fair system is responsible for the round results.

The round’s result is randomly generated. All players get equal chances to win the game. Neither the developer nor the online casino can influence the game’s outcome. It is impossible to hack or predict how the plane will move. That is why the machine has become so popular. It is intended for those who like a real risk.

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Aviator social slot. In the left corner, you can see the participants of the rounds and track when they decided to withdraw money. Also, the winners and the best players, according to statistics, are available to everyone. You can become one of them.

The game has simple rules and is accessible to beginners and experienced players. The buttons’ rules and function decoding are available in the online Aviator betting game. However, the rules are only available in English. The machine rules are as follows:

  1. The player replenishes the deposit.
  2. Loads the game and selects the odds.
  3. You can manage rates manually or automatically.
  4. To start the round, choose the odds and bet size.
  5. You can play in automatic and manual modes.
  6. Choose the option of one/two bets.
  7. As soon as the plane starts to climb, press Cash out and wait for the result of the round.
  8. Place bets again and move on to the next round. As soon as the winnings are credited to the account in the activity, withdraw funds or use them for further bets.
aviator bet screen

Use well-known tactics and strategies to win, or develop your own play style.

How to Bet on Aviator?

Playing Aviator is quite simple. After reading the game’s rules, you can proceed to the bets. A simple guide will help you:

  1. Choose the bet amount. Specify the amount of the bet from 1 to 10. At the moment when the plane will fly, press “Bet”.
  2. Wait until the end of the result. Follow you’re and the player’s records on the left in the table in the sections All bets, My bets, Top. Make sure the gameplay is fair.
  3. Two bets. You can play two bets at the same time. Click the + icon in the upper right corner to add another betting panel. It will increase your winning chances.
  4. Withdrawal of funds. Click “Cash out” to withdraw funds. The win is automatically assigned to the player, considering the multiplier coefficient.
  5. Automatic play. Press the Auto button to activate the automatic game mode. Bets will be placed automatically after starting and setting up the Aviator casino game. Also, choose the number of rounds when the round ends, for example, if the winnings decrease, increase, or a single win exceeds the set limit. Lookout: the Cashout function remains in manual mode but can be switched to automatic.
aviator how to bet

Navigation through the game is quite simple, and a few buttons are available to the player:

  • Buttons Bet/Auto – responsible for bets in the activity.
  • Button +. With this button, the player can add another window with a bet.
  • Buttons +/- and 1, 2, 5, 10 – indicate the bet size.
  • The How to play button contains the rules of the activity.
  • Menu button. The player can manage an account.

How to win money at slot: Best Strategies

Nobody likes to lose, so use one of the best strategies and increase your chances of winning.

We recommend several tactics that you can use in practice.

aviator win tips
Martingale systemIt is a simple tactic. You double your bet each time you lose. As a result, the gain will make up for the loss.
Fibonacci systemIncrease the bet every time you win, and lower it if you lose.
Minimum odds systemIt is a simple strategy where the user places bets in the amount of 3-5% of the amount of the bank. For cashout, the indicator is set to 1.5. During the next round, bet Cash out when the plane reaches 1.5 in automatic mode. So you will only win a little money, but the losses will be minimal.
Simultaneous gamePlaying with two bets at once makes available odds of 100 or more. Access to such an Aviator slot opens approximately once every 2 hours. Therefore, the player should be on alert. Thus, the player chooses a bet of 5% of the bank with a coefficient of 2.05. Then follow the game course. If x100 does not fall within an hour, activate the second bet at 0.5% of the bank but at 100.

Is Aviator game real or fake?

Many players are wondering if Aviator is a scam or a real machine? Can you win money? Aviator bet game is a certified machine from the well-known online casino game developer Spribe. The slot runs on Provably Fair technology. It means neither the developer nor the casino can influence the game’s outcome.

The random number generator is responsible for the results, and the winners in the machine are determined automatically in a special order. Therefore, believe in the honesty of the gameplay. The software works without failures and errors, so the player does not lose winnings and earned results.

aviator mobile phone  spribe logo

How to win big money in Aviator bet game? Use well-known strategies and tactics, or develop your own way of playing to win. The winnings’ size and selected odds depend on the bet’s size. So the prize can be significant. Hurry up to try your luck and a sense of excitement by launching the Aviator application.