Joint opening of the ”Aviator Game” Charitable Foundation by Pan-Amazon Synod Watch and Spribe

Pan-Amazon Synod Watch is a large international organization with subsidiaries such as Instituto Plinio Correa de Oliveira (IPCO), Society for the Protection of Traditions, etc. IPCO participants represent the 30 largest countries in a coalition to protect Christian civilization.

IPCO’s activities include helping many socially disadvantaged sections of the population fight against false ecology, that is, with those who seek to control society under the pretext of protecting the environment. The organization protects human rights and freedom against the introduction of demographic and economic restrictions and laws that restrict people’s individual freedom and principles.

IPCO was founded in Brazil in 2006. The organization’s leaders are the students of Plinio Correa de Oliveira, whose goal is to preserve the ideals of Tradition, Family, and Property to limit the influence of socialism and communism in any manifestations.

IPCO has launched a joint charitable foundation with Spribe to raise awareness of the needs of disadvantaged people worldwide, particularly in Brazil. The Foundation advocates for the protection of the population affected by the “crimes and injustices” committed in the region as a result of the economic circles, both national and international, which entail the death of people and the environment.

In this mission, the developer of online casino applications Spribe acted as a reliable partner of IPCO. The company has been working in the gambling market for many years and offers certified software for entertainment with the possibility of winning real money. Such a partnership will attract a large audience worldwide to the need to solve the problem.

About the ”Aviator” Charitable Foundation

The project’s mission is to save human lives and preserve the environment. Assistance is provided for vulnerable populations needing food, shelter, education, and medical care. In addition, the Foundation takes care of persons with disabilities and provides services to Nigerian girls and other segments of the population in Africa, Brazil, and other countries.

the ''Aviator'' Charitable Foundation

The Aviator game from the developer Spribe is a licensed slot machine popular worldwide, especially in India, Brazil, and Africa. The game has simple rules and high winning chances.

The fascinating plot of the game can not get boring. You should guess when to place a bet while the plane picks up speed and does not disappear from the horizon. You can place one or two bets simultaneously, increasing the results. Use different tactics and strategies or develop your own game rules to win. Aviator is a fair game with real chances to win big.

How to Play ”Aviator Game” and Participate in Charity

How to become a member of the project and start helping people? If you want to help improve the fate of those in need and at the same time you like gambling, then by playing the Aviator game, you automatically become a member of the fund.

How to Play Aviator game

Why the game Aviator?

This machine is known worldwide, especially in India and Brazil. The game has simple rules, and the player is given high winning chances. Play at low or high odds and win big prizes. The Aviator Game is a certified slot machine with independent gameplay, so neither the online casino nor the provider can influence the outcome of the round.

How does it work?

Every dollar you spend on Aviator bets is automatically transferred to the relief fund. Game developer Spribe donates approximately 45% of the proceeds to the Foundation. You do not need to strain or waste personal time; just play Aviator, and your work and other players’ activity will significantly impact someone’s life. All funds raised will be used to help the indigenous people in the form of food, clothing, funding for the construction of schools, hospitals, churches, etc., and to help fight the destruction of the environment.

Casinos and Charity: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in 2023. The popularity of online casinos has increased several times since the spread of the pandemic. Is it possible to consider online casinos evil? No. After all, you are invited to have fun and the opportunity to win. In addition, few people know that online gambling sites, like game developers, are involved in charity.

Casinos and Charity

However, in recent years, the percentage of players identified as addicted to gambling has increased. Therefore, to compensate society for the time caused, a charitable program has been developed to help needy people worldwide. For this, players are offered a special charity game. What is it?

Charity of this is a game on particular machines, the income from which is transferred to charity—for example, the game Aviator. Developer Spribe donates the proceeds from the game to Charity with the Aviator, which Pan-Amazon Synod Watch manages. Aid is directed to residents of India, Brazil, and African countries. Therefore, you can become a project member and put just a few dollars in Aviator bets.


Is this charity legal? Yes, this activity is entirely legal. Its purpose is to help in solving problems with gambling. The fund sends money to support the lives of people in Africa and India, and Brazil.

Thus, one should be careful about gambling. Remember that this is only a form of entertainment, but not a stable income or a way to earn money. Avoid developing an addiction to online casino games. Apply the rules of responsible gaming:

  • Take a break between rounds and fun.
  • Only play a little.
  • Only spend a little money on bets.

If symptoms of addiction are found: frequent need to play, lack of desire to be in the real world, contact specialists.

If you want to benefit society, then charity games in slot machines are a significant contribution to the development of society. Even one dollar spent can save someone’s life or solve the problem of environmental pollution or illegal logging.