Rwanda and the Upcoming Synod on the Amazon


The month of April 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the fastest and most cruel genocide of our time: 800,000 people dead in 100 days. In April and part of May, 1994, members of the Hutu tribe of Rwanda relentlessly killed women, children, the elderly, and anyone from the Tutsi tribe with machetes. Are there

“Habemus Papam Ecologistum”

laudato si

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si employs the word “nature” 74 times, “environment” 55 times, and the expression “Jesus Christ”, designating the second Person of the Holy Trinity, only once. A non-deified Galilean master, simply called “Jesus,” appears 22 times, the same number as “technology” and less than half as “science”, evoked 55 times. Yet the

Feminist Theology and “Tribal Morals”

Elina Vuola

Feminist theologians make a severe criticism of liberation theologians who preceded them. This is what the Finnish writer Elina Vuola states in her book, La ética sexual y los límites de la Praxis [Sexual Ethics and the Limits of Praxis], published by the Abya-Yala publishing house, dependent on the University of the Salesians in Quito,

The President and the Amazon


The challenge is to enforce the Brazilian Forest Code and ensure the management of the areas already assigned The presidential elections of 2018 gave rise to debates and controversies on, among other things,  the occupation and preservation of the Amazon region. Alarmist pundits denounced the forest’s imminent devastation, the abandonment of conservation policies, and agriculture


International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project

The International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) shows that from the beginning of data analysis up to 1999/2000, global cloud coverage has been reduced by 5% (Figure 1). The planetary albedo is the fraction of solar radiation flux that is reflected (rejected) by the planet into outer space and consequently does not participate in the

Anticolonialism and Pagan Spiritualities in the Preparatory Document for the Amazon Synod

primeira pagina

The first thing that stands out in the preparatory document for the special synod on the Amazon is its horizontal character — which also marked the Youth Synod held in Rome last October. One year later, in October 2019, the invited bishops will have to delve especially into the “pastoral and ecological conversion,” the outlines

Amazon Synod: Leftist Media Strive to Pit Government Against Church

Sinodo da Amazonia

The Brazilian left-wing media continue to demonstrate their anti-patriotism. They continuously strive to exploit statements or disagreements among members of the new administration – a quest that has often backfired as the mostly conservative population remains orderly and vigilant. Now they are taking a bold new step by trying to put the Catholic Church and

Six Characteristics of True Environmental Stewardship

Church Sainte Chapelle - Paris

Many North Americans, Latin Americans, and Europeans are justifiably skeptical of the global environmental movement. It shows many of the characteristics, not of a serious scientific movement, but of a political ideology or even a quasi-religious sect. The overwhelming majority of its leaders and foot soldiers espouse a not-so-hidden socialist ideology that seeks to dismantle

The Utopian Premises of Ecological Tribalism


The Ecological Turn of “Postmodernity” When compared to yesterday’s culture a few decades ago, today’s “postmodern” culture has some rather surprising differences. One such difference is its ecologist tendency to rediscover, re-evaluate and propose models that are backward, primitive, wild and tribal. In yesterday’s culture, man was acclaimed as the master of Nature. Today, everyone

Earth-Worship Coming to a Parish Near You

The latest in Lenten devotions may not mention sin, penance or personal sanctification. A disturbing trend among liberal Catholics is taking a turn toward a form of earth worship. The emphasis of this program is not Catholic or even Christian. There is little mention of God’s love, redemption, or protection for humanity. Unfortunately, some Catholics