The Cruel Torments Inflicted on the Distinguished Servant of God Fray Diego Ortiz

A long time ago, at the beginning of the year 1569, Augustinian missionaries evangelized the Vilcabamba region near Cusco, Peru. Fray Diego Ruiz Ortiz arrived there to participate in their mission. From the chronicles of that religious family, we extract this story, forgotten by men, but not by God. Vilcabamba today *     *     * A

Pachamama Worship and Combating Free Enterprise

Those who follow liturgical celebrations and episcopal ordinations more closely will remember the investiture of the Bishop of Arica, Chile, Moisés Atisha, in which all the bishops in attendance, including the Nuncio, participated in an indigenous pagan “celebration” invoking the spirits of the still non–evangelized Aymara Indians. At the time, they gave no explanation about

Cardinal Burke: Amazon synod working doc is ‘apostasy’, cannot become Church teaching


Cardinal Raymond Burke said that the working document used for the upcoming Pan-Amazon synod organized by the Vatican at the request of Pope Francis amounts to “apostasy.” The Cardinal made this comment when asked in an August 13 Youtube interview whether the working document known as the Instrumentum Laboris for the October 6-27 Synod may become definitive for the Catholic

Amazon Synod or Vatican Council III?

For Catholics, the panorama in the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church is becoming increasingly dark. The leftist offensive being prepared through the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon foreshadows a true revolution, not only in the way we understand the Church but one with apocalyptic repercussions for the entire world order. The recently published

Will the Coming Amazon Synod Neglect the Church’s Social Doctrine?

There are growing fears and doubts about the forthcoming Synod on the Amazon scheduled for October 2019. Such concerns involve specific topics related to the topics of the Synod, such as a new ecological ideology or the relationship between Christianity and indigenous cultures. However, some also fear that the Synod might possibly be used to

The Church Does Not Know the Word ‘Break’

We are publishing this interview with Cardinal Brandmüller courtesy of Sabino Paciolla’s Blog. Italian translation of the original German, which appeared in Die Tagestpost, by Alessandra Carboni Riehn; English translation by the staff of Pan-Amazon Synod Watch. The fact that the Church in Germany is going through a crisis has been demonstrated by the figures

Here Comes Biodegradable Christianity

Continuing the analysis of the coming Amazon Synod’s Instrumentum laboris, today I propose this article by Dom Giulio Meiattini, Benedictine monk of the Abbey of Madonna della Scala di Noci, well known to our readers for his previous contributions to this blog. Towards a biodegradable Christianity It was already known or forseen for some time

From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology A Revolution Entrenched in the Church (II)

Introduction We continue with installments from the study, From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology in order to help readers understand the ideological positions hidden behind those who encourage this new theology supposed to guide the next Synod on the Amazon. Feminist theology in the words of its own authors The book Del Cielo a la

“Ministries with an Amazonian Face”: An Eclipse of the Catholic Priesthood and the Hierarchical Character of the Church (the end)

In a recent interview with journalist Edward Pentin, Roman correspondent of the National Catholic Register, Cardinal Gerhard Müller commented that the Instrumentum laboris for the next Special Synod for the Amazon “has been written mostly by a group of German descendants and not by people who are living there. It has a very European perspective,

Vatican’s former doctrine head criticizes Amazon synod working doc for ‘false teaching’

The cardinal who was tasked by Pope Benedict with defending the doctrine of the Catholic Church has criticized the Pan-Amazon Synod’s working document (Instrumentum Laboris) for its “radical u-turn in the hermeneutics of Catholic theology” and for its “false teaching.” Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), said the “main