Querida Amazonia – Francis Approves Leonardo Boff, Throws Fritz Löbinger into the Tiber

The Apostolic Exhortation just published confirms that, in Pope Francis’ pontificate, politics takes priority over religion. While keeping his foot on the accelerator of “integral ecology,” he has brought the synod’s religious agenda to a sudden stop. Cardinals Burke, Müller, and Sarah (and his co-author, Benedict XVI), as well as the few prelates who fervently

‘Querida Amazonia’ keeps hot-button issues burning

Progressive cardinals and bishops are challenging the finality of the papal exhortation on married priests and women’s ordination by arguing that Querida Amazonia doesn’t shut down debate on burning issues threatening to divide the Church. “Querida Amazonia doesn’t resolve or close any of the questions,” Cdl. Michael Czerny, who presented the exhortation to a packed

‘Querida Amazonia’: On the Question of Married Priests, a Papal Pattern Returns

In regard to the magisterium of Pope Francis it’s not just what he teaches, but how. In both Amoris Laetitia and in regard to capital punishment, the manner of magisterial teaching was novel. The pattern is now repeated with Querida Amazonia, the Holy Father’s post-synodal apostolic exhortation. A Synod With a Predetermined Goal The key

“Dear Amazonia…” – The Match Is Only Postponed

The post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis is published at last. Querida Amazonia is not a very long document: 111 paragraphs, divided into four sections which have the goal of expressing what “resonates” with the Pontiff after the experience of the synod, while not wanting to replace or simply repeat the Final Document of the

Pope releases new exhortation on Amazon Synod

MAIKE HICKSON and PATRICK B. CRAINE Pope releases new exhortation on Amazon Synod While the text fails to accept the progressives’ most high-profile proposals, many are sure to argue that it leaves ample room for them to advance a revolutionary agenda. Pope Francis released his official text on the Amazon Synod today at noon Rome

Disposal of green energy It’s not a green matter


Anna Bono Everyone wants to avoid creating environmental problems. But good intentions is not enough if science kowtows to environmental ideology. For example: it is easy to talk about renewable energy, but the consequences of the disposal of obsolete wind turbine blades are a growing problem for the environment. This is why. Everyone believes that

Man who threw Pachamama in Tiber fires back

Alexander Tschugguel

Martin Bürger Alexander Tschugguel, the young Austrian founder of the Saint Boniface Institute who threw the Amazon Synod’s Pachamama idols in the Tiber river last October, has fired back after a professor of dogmatic theology accused him of falling behind the Second Vatican Council. “I’m convinced that Christ’s saying will always be true, ‘No one

The Priesthood Today ‘Is in Mortal Danger’


Cardinal Robert Sarah has made a further impassioned plea not to weaken the mandatory celibacy rule for priests, saying it would be a catastrophe that would amount to an “attack on the Church and her mystery.” In an exclusive Feb. 7 interview with the Register in advance of the publication later this month of the

Argentine archbishop: “Viri probati? A grave rift in the Church”


Viri probati and the German Church at risk of schism. There is a bishop who speaks out and who is not afraid to say things as they are: “It is a road incompatible with tradition, which is creating a serious rift in the Latin Church”. Speaking on the other side of the ocean is Hector

The battle for the Vatican


Note:  Although not all views in this report represent the position of the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch website, it is helpful to compose a picture of the situation. HANNAH ROBERTS – Politico ROME — When Benedict XVI resigned as pope in 2013, he vowed to spend his retirement in contemplation and prayer — and not to interfere