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Over a year ago, the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute (IPCO) and its sister organizations, the Societies for the Defense of Tradition, Family and…

Querida Amazonia – Francis Approves Leonardo Boff, Throws Fritz Löbinger into the Tiber

The Apostolic Exhortation just published confirms that, in Pope Francis’ pontificate, politics takes priority over religion. While keeping his foot on the accelerator of “integral ecology,” he has brought the synod’s religious agenda to a sudden stop. Cardinals Burke, Müller, and Sarah (and his co-author, Benedict XVI), as well as the few prelates who fervently

Pastors Denounce “Religious Violence” against Defenseless Faithful and the Memory of Roman Martyrs


The Pachamama worship episodes have deeply marked the Special Synod for the Pan Amazon, which some are already inclined to rename as “Pachamamic Synod” or even “Idolatrous Synod,” a clear reaction to the provocation of those who set out to forcefully implement a fake “inculturation” process. Although silent, the vast majority of the faithful are

The Synod’s Khomeinian Drift

Towards the end of the Cold War, Latin America became the battleground between two visions of society and the economy: the Western one, based on private property, free initiative, and free market, and the statist, centralizing, and socialist, represented by the Soviet model with its Cuban offshoot in the American hemisphere. The spectacular fall of

Marxist Liberation Theology Is Reborn

Perhaps the most controversial Synod in the recent history of the Church ended on Saturday, October 25, with the publication of its Final Document. Unlike ordinary synods, which deal with specific points of theology or pastoral policy, the special Synod for the Pan-Amazonian region was presented as a sort of “Vatican Council III” which would

Amazon Synod, the Real Stakes

The Amazon Synod is causing irritation and perplexity in countless Catholics, as can be seen in the reaction to the initial working document (Instrumentum laboris), a sort of green proclamation tinged with clear sympathies for the (pagan) habits of Amazonian peoples. The malaise increased with the publication of the list of Synod participants, which includes

Pachamama, Just a Symbol or Also an Idol?

The removal from the Roman church of Santa Maria in Traspontina of three statues of a naked woman, in an advanced state of pregnancy, which were then thrown into the waters of the Tiber has caused a stir and the images of what happened have gone viral on social media. The outcry is not surprising.

Reports by Small Working Groups Confirm Concerns About Synod

The Amazon Synod is moving ahead quickly and safely in the direction set by its promoters and organizers. Although with different nuances, the Synod Fathers appear to agree substantially on the proposals to present in the final document. Indeed, the reports by the Small Working Groups delivered to the General Secretary of the Synod, and

Brazil: Growing Reaction against the Amazon Synod

A growing number of Brazilians are showing concern about the pernicious consequences that may derive from the upcoming Pan Amazon Synod, which will open in the Vatican in a week. At first, few understood exactly what it was about. In fact, the Synod’s documents circulated almost exclusively among experts, that is to say, the followers

They’re Saying It…

Crux, the well-known American Catholic online newspaper, has published a long article signed by Christopher White, which deserves some comment. Beginning with its title, “Catholic reactionary group raising its profile ahead of Amazon synod” the article takes issue with “a network of far-right groups in Brazil … with a long history of opposing Vatican II