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Over a year ago, the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute (IPCO) and its sister organizations, the Societies for the Defense of Tradition, Family and…

Cardinal: Pope’s Amazon exhortation defectively quotes canon law, undermining the priesthood

Footnote 136 of Querida Amazonia quotes canon law in a defective way, according to Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes. Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, a retired curial cardinal living in Rome, has written an analysis of the new concept of the priesthood as discussed by Pope Francis in his February 12 post-synodal exhortation on the Amazon region, Querida

Vatican climate scientist says Church’s moral authority key to advancing global warming agenda

Vatican workshop on the Global Education Pact

Pope Francis’s Global Education Pact is a golden opportunity to use the moral authority of the Catholic Church to institute “cradle to grave climate literacy” for children as young as pre-kindergarten, a prominent member of the Vatican’s Academy of Sciences has said. Speaking at a Vatican workshop on the Global Education Pact, hosted by the

Commentaries on the Article “The World without the Amazon”

[published by on 10/17/2019] By Luiz Carlos Baldicero Molion [email protected] All the arguments presented in this article are based on Global Climate Model (GCM) results that fail to reproduce the current climate and particularly the hydrological cycle, which is fundamental to the existence of the Amazon Biome. In the maps shown in the article,

Pope Francis Brakes on Theology, Accelerates on Politics

Conservative Catholics from around the world were relieved, even elated, with the publication of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation “Querida Amazonia”, issued by Pope Francis on February 12th as the conclusive document of the Special Synod of the Pan-Amazon region that took place in Rome last October. The Exhortation seemed indeed to meet the requests of

Key architects of Amazon Synod disappointed with new papal exhortation

However, some say married priests and female ‘ordination’ are still on the table. Bishop Erwin Kräutler and Professor Paulo Suess – both of whom met Pope Francis in 2014 to lobby for changes in the Amazon region, including married and female priests – have given signs of disappointment in recent interviews about the post-synodal exhortation

Pope releases new exhortation on Amazon Synod

MAIKE HICKSON and PATRICK B. CRAINE Pope releases new exhortation on Amazon Synod While the text fails to accept the progressives’ most high-profile proposals, many are sure to argue that it leaves ample room for them to advance a revolutionary agenda. Pope Francis released his official text on the Amazon Synod today at noon Rome

Man who threw Pachamama in Tiber fires back

Alexander Tschugguel

Martin Bürger Alexander Tschugguel, the young Austrian founder of the Saint Boniface Institute who threw the Amazon Synod’s Pachamama idols in the Tiber river last October, has fired back after a professor of dogmatic theology accused him of falling behind the Second Vatican Council. “I’m convinced that Christ’s saying will always be true, ‘No one

The battle for the Vatican


Note:  Although not all views in this report represent the position of the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch website, it is helpful to compose a picture of the situation. HANNAH ROBERTS – Politico ROME — When Benedict XVI resigned as pope in 2013, he vowed to spend his retirement in contemplation and prayer — and not to interfere

Bishop: Amazon Synod final doc will be ‘mockery of our faith,’ pope should destroy it

‘Let’s hope that Pope Francis will destroy the final document,’ Dutch bishop Robert Mutsaerts declared, ‘but hopes are truly slim. Lord, have mercy.’ “Let’s hope that Pope Francis will destroy the final document, but hopes are truly slim. Lord, have mercy.” With these words, the Dutch bishop Robert Mutsaerts voiced his concern over the Amazon