The Synod’s Khomeinian Drift

Towards the end of the Cold War, Latin America became the battleground between two visions of society and the economy: the Western one, based on private property, free initiative, and free market, and the statist, centralizing, and socialist, represented by the Soviet model with its Cuban offshoot in the American hemisphere. The spectacular fall of

Cardinal Schönborn says he allows women to preside at funerals in his diocese

Vienna archbishop and leading Amazon Synod participant Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has given permission for women to preside at funerals in his diocese, he said in an interview with Vatican Radio. This week, Pope Francis personally appointed Schönborn to the committee that will write the final synod document. One of the proposals being advanced at the synod,

Amazon Bishop Condemns the Instrumentum Laboris


AMAZON MISSIONARY BISHOP: SYNOD PLANS MISS THE REAL PROBLEMS (CNA)A long-time missionary bishop of the Amazon River delta has said that the working document for an upcoming synod of bishops on the region does not address the actual problems faced by the Church in the region. Bishop José Luis Azcona, is the missionary bishop emeritus