Querida Amazonia – Francis Approves Leonardo Boff, Throws Fritz Löbinger into the Tiber

The Apostolic Exhortation just published confirms that, in Pope Francis’ pontificate, politics takes priority over religion. While keeping his foot on the accelerator of “integral ecology,” he has brought the synod’s religious agenda to a sudden stop. Cardinals Burke, Müller, and Sarah (and his co-author, Benedict XVI), as well as the few prelates who fervently

Man who threw Pachamama idol into Tiber speaks out

The man who tossed the infamous Pachamama statue into the Tiber River has revealed his identity today in a video explaining why he removed the “pagan idol” from Santa Maria in Transpontina church near the Vatican last month. Alexander Tschugguel, 26, of Vienna, Austria, spoke to LifeSite co-founder John-Henry Westen, telling him, “for me, it

Idols in the Tiber: Not Theft, But Self-Defense


Tommaso Scandroglio     Contrary to the claims of Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication, the action carried out by two unknown persons who threw Pachamama statues into the Tiber is an act of legitimate defense of the Catholic faith, rather than theft. Saint Thomas Aquinas says so, and here is why.

Pachamama, Just a Symbol or Also an Idol?

The removal from the Roman church of Santa Maria in Traspontina of three statues of a naked woman, in an advanced state of pregnancy, which were then thrown into the waters of the Tiber has caused a stir and the images of what happened have gone viral on social media. The outcry is not surprising.