Cardinal Cañizares: “priestly ordination is for men only”

Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera affirmed that the male priesthood is of the essence of the Catholic faith and that “no one in the Church can do anything but admit that priestly ordination is for men only.” In an opinion piece that appeared in the Spanish daily La Razón in September, Cardinal Cañizares, archbishop of Valencia,

The Apostolic Zeal of the Conquerors

Christopher Columbus

Undoing slanders against the colonization of America Hundreds of decrees and other documents emanating from the royal authority during the three centuries of Spanish rule in America, similar to those cited in the previous article , attest to the constant and amazing apostolic zeal of the Catholic Kings. They also reveal the wise policy used

The Beginning of Christian Civilization in the Americas


The great epic Portuguese and Spanish colonization and evangelization of our huge continent What reality did the Europeans who came to America 500 years ago encounter in its beaches and mountains, jungles and plains? Did it correspond to the ‘noble savage’ myth in a paradisical America? It soon became obvious that things were not quite