An Introduction to the Terrifying Tribal World Being Proposed

Sometimes you hear and learn things while napping. In the relaxed ambiance of a resort, imagine a tourist enjoying a full-month vacation stretching out in a comfortable easy chair where he closes his eyes for a nap. He gently lets his memory wander in search of comforting memories that will be enticing to sleep. People’s

Two Synods: One on the Amazon, One in Germany

Two synods are beginning that will have serious consequences for the unity of the Church. The first is called “Amazon Synod,” but it is public knowledge that its organization, funding and participants largely come from the German world. The other “synod” begins on the first Sunday of Advent, that is, December 1. It will take

Environmental Madness (XXII)

Chapter VII With UN Support, Radical Environmentalism Marches On When the United Nations was founded shortly after World War II, it began as an international body intended to harmonize relations among nations and to prevent new wars. Over time, other purposes were emerged. Its bureaucratic apparatus, infiltrated by the Left, started to act in order

Indigenism, the New Face of Communism

Mons. Tomás Balduino

“We are converting to other religious forms.” (Father Diego Irarrázabal, CSC) How to explain the unexplainable? Or how to explain the idyllic praise of the indigenous cultures of America, including by churchmen, almost as if the Indians are conceived without original sin? For example, the 8th Inter-Church Meeting of Basic Christian Communities of Brazil, attended

Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century (XX) (Last in this series)

November 30, 1977 | Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira PART III “Aggiornate” Missionary Voices Section XIII To Meddle With Bishop Casaldaliga… The Church could normally heal these evils, but to what extent are they finding a remedy in Her? It is not credible that evils such as these can find a remedy without the intervention of

500 Years Ago, Columbus’ Ships Landed in America…

In the celebrations and protests of  the Fifth Centenary, the voice of the Church from the Discovery to our times On the occasion of the fifth centennial of the discovery of the Americas, being celebrated on October 12th, there is growing propaganda against the continent’s missionaries and colonizers. This colossal wave of publicity against the

Overturning Two Thousand Years of Pastoral Work

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The Church evangelizes by civilizing and civilizes by evangelizing. In the Church’s two-thousand-year existence, the divine commandment “go ye and teach all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Mt 28:19) has always borne fruit also in the temporal sphere. While spreading the Faith in

About the Nature Created by God, a Few Phrases that Ecologists Hate

“God made creation, admirable and harmonious, for man alone. And if He made it so wonderful, great, diverse, rich, useful, beneficial to nourish the body and lead the soul to God, it is because of man.” (St. John Chrysostom) “Things on the face of the earth were created for man’s sake, to help him achieve

Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century (XVI)

November 30, 1977 PART III “Aggiornate” Missionary Voices Section VIII The Indian, the Only Proprietor Contrary to the hostile position it takes towards private property in contemporary society, updated missiology is extremely covetous of the collective property of the Indian tribes. The native, even when settled in one place, does not develop the land such