Infanticide: There Are Those Who Defend It, Even in the Church

Cardinal Pedro Barreto

At the jam-packed press conference on Tuesday October 8 on the synod for the Amazon, the Swiss journalist Giuseppe Rusconi posed the following question: “One of the leitmotifs of this synod is the representation of the Indian peoples as if they dwelt in the earthly paradise before original sin. They are lauded for their primitive

Do Indigenous Religions Contain “Seeds of the Word”? (II)

In the first part of this article, we saw how the terrible situation in which the Indians of Mexico found themselves and how many of them saw the arrival of the Spaniards as a true liberation. In this second part, we will look at the situation of the South American peoples and the struggle of

Do Indigenous Religions Contain “Seeds of the Word”? (I)

Montezuma - Cópia

Undoing slanders against the colonization of America Our first article aimed to demonstrate the utter falsity of the accusation that the brave Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors perpetrated the “greatest genocide in history” by practically exterminating indigenous peoples (as the apostate ex-friar Leonardo Boff claims). In this second article, divided into two parts, we will continue

Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century (XIV)

Fray Betto Frei Betto

PART III “Aggiornate” Missionary Voices Section VI New Catechesis 22. The Indian Cannot Be Considered as Having Undesirable Psychic and Cultural Characteristics. From the “Diretório Indígena” [Indian Directory] developed by the Mission Anchieta, of Mato Grosso, as approved by the CNBB (according to a summary by Jornal do Brasil): The acculturation of the natives… ought to