Environmental Madness (XX)

5. Exploiting the Tsunami to Wage ‘Climate Terrorism’ The media have curious attitudes. Though most people take for granted that one of their interests is to spread sensational news, there are times when they remain absolutely or nearly completely silent about some otherwise sensational issue that should quench their thirst for topics that arouse great

Environmental Madness (XIV)

João Pedro Stédile

2. Radical Bias in Debates on the new Forest Code and Obsession with Agrarian Reform “Murders will occur if President Dilma fails to take strong action to enhance rural settlements, prevent and vigorously punish deforestation, collect fines, federalize crimes against human rights and above all, veto the Forest Code approved by Congress and promote agrarian

Environmental Psychosis and the New Socialism


The fires that occurred in the Brazilian Amazon region this week attest to the rise of a new world psychosis: environmentalism. And as a solution to this new disease, a universal prescription: stop human growth and development. Let us consider the facts. Since President Bolsonaro took office, earlier this year, international pressure began with concern

Shades of Green (III)

Canion Boa Vista - São José dos Ausentes - RS

Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil CHAPTER 3 – ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION A COMPARISON WITH THE USA Embrapa Territorial recently compiled a comparison between Brazil and the United States of Ameri­ca (USA) regarding land use and occupation, with emphasis on the maintenance of native vegetation. This comparison on relatively homogeneous bases sought to make compatible, as

Shades of green (II)


Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil CHAPTER 2 – PRESERVED AREAS IN BRAZIL NATIVE VEGETATION CONSERVATION Brazil is and will be increasingly recognized as an agricultural and environmental power. The en­tire grain (corn, rice, soybeans, beans … ), fiber (cotton, cellulose … ) and agro-energy (sugarcane, energy forests … ) production occupies 9% of the country, entailing

Shades of Green (I)

Shades of Green (I) PRESERVED AREAS IN BRAZIL A PRESERVATIONIST TYPE OF AGRlCULTURE In absolute numbers, agriculturists as a whole have destined 177 million hectares for the preservation of native vegetation and biodiversity. The extent is unequaled, regardless of the unit of measure: 177 km² or 437 million acres. And it is also impressive percentagewise:

Environmental Madness (III)

Introduction The Book of Genesis could not have stated more clearly God’s command for man to fill the earth and subdue it. This is roughly what humanity has done over the millennia. But now, in the 21st century, we find ourselves at the apex of a whole arsenal of doctrines and attitudes contrary to God’s

Environmental Madness (II)

Foreword to the Fifth Edition of Environmental Madness We are pleased to celebrate, with this fifth edition, the publication of four editions of the book, Environmental Madness – The Backstage Workings of Ecoterrorism to Establish an Ecological, Egalitarian and Anti-Christian ‘Religion’, by Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza. Undoubtedly, the work has been a great success in