Pandora’s box


If you follow the daily press conferences of the Amazon synod, you will hear the same tune every time: new ways, listening to the indigenous population, climate change and Mother Earth. It seems that the fundamental problems just don’t want to be mentioned. In this respect, this synod is very similar to the Youth Synod


What is the contribution of Brazil to the greenhouse effect with emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels into the Earth’s atmosphere? The media accuses Brazil of being one of the great emitters of CO2. We are ranked as the world’s fourth largest CO2 emitter without explaining what is being compared, from what data,

Environmental Madness (XVIII)

3. The ‘Hockey Stick’, a Farce Cloaked as Science A hockey stick is the figure that comes to mind as one looks at a graph of one thousand years of global temperatures on Earth, published by the magazine Nature in 1998 in an article titled “Global-scale Temperature Patterns and Climate Forcing Over the Past Six