Authentic Christendom or Tribal-Communist Revolution?

On the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the American continent in 1992, the inter-TFP Committee of Spanish-American Studies, coordinated by Alejandro Ezcurra Naón, launched a work of great importance: Authentic Christendom or Tribal-Communist Revolution – The Great Dilemma of our Time). In this series of articles, taken from this study, we will see that

The Genesis of Christian Civilization in Brazil

The great epic of Portuguese missionaries in the evangelization and colonization of Brazil Harsh was the reality that the Portuguese encountered when they arrived in Brazil  five hundred years ago. The natives did not correspond to the myth of the “noble savage” living in a paradisiacal America. Before the Discovery, Brazil was inhabited by a

Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century (XVIII)

Mons Pedro Casaldáliga

November 30, 1977 | Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira PART III “Aggiornate” Missionary Voices Section X Struggle Against the Whites Rural agitation – real class struggle – is not all that is threatening to arise from the Indian question manipulated by missionary agitators. Behold, the latter also create strife between the Indians and the whites by

Promoted by Pre-Synod Documents: Spiritual Refuge for Modernized Indians, or Lifesaver for Urbanites Having an Existential Crisis?

Festival du Chamanisme 2017

Cardinal Baldisseri There is no doubt that the Synod on the Pan Amazon region will have a universal dimension. So say its organizers. “One writes ‘Amazon’ and reads ‘world,’” is how the Osservatore Romano summarized various interventions by Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary of the Synod of Bishops, and Cardinal Claudio Hummes, rapporteur of the coming

From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology: A Revolution Encroached in the Church (VII)

Introduction The Instrumentum Laboris for the Synod on the Amazon presents such a radical transformation of Catholic and religious life that many must ask how they intend to achieve it. We present below a hypothesis raised by male and female theologians of ecofeminism who proposed, several years ago, formulas to “solve” this problem. Now, the

Overturning Two Thousand Years of Pastoral Work

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The Church evangelizes by civilizing and civilizes by evangelizing. In the Church’s two-thousand-year existence, the divine commandment “go ye and teach all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Mt 28:19) has always borne fruit also in the temporal sphere. While spreading the Faith in

Cardinal Pell’s Letter, a Torpedo on the Amazon Synod

Cardinal Pell

A letter from prison attributed to Cardinal Pell has circulated on Twitter, immediately triggering an investigation by the authorities of the state of Victoria. The cardinal, awaiting sentence, risks another sanction. In the letter, other than talking about his situation, he sends a clear signal regarding the upcoming Synod on the Amazon. While waiting for

From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology A Revolution Entrenched in the Church (V)


“Divinities, Rites and Cults” of Ecofeminist Theology The Instrumentum Laboris for the Synod on the Amazon refers in different places to the concept of divinity that indigenous peoples possess and to the rites they employ to worship that divinity and its connections with the earth. We thus find it useful to transcribe below another chapter

When High Noon Strikes

In the 1952 classic Western High Noon, Will Kane, the marshal of Hadleyville, has a choice to make.  The rule of law has unraveled, and Kane knows what he is up against.  Outlaw Frank Miller and his gang are arriving on the noon train.  So Kane visits the upstanding men of the town, asking them, one

Six Characteristics of True Environmental Stewardship

Church Sainte Chapelle - Paris

Many North Americans, Latin Americans, and Europeans are justifiably skeptical of the global environmental movement. It shows many of the characteristics, not of a serious scientific movement, but of a political ideology or even a quasi-religious sect. The overwhelming majority of its leaders and foot soldiers espouse a not-so-hidden socialist ideology that seeks to dismantle