Symbols and Doctrine

The Catholic Church, as Mother and Teacher, clearly teaches her children doctrines based on the supernatural truths revealed by Our Lord Jesus Christ. To this end, she also employed symbols to make it easier for all nations to understand them. The cross is undoubtedly the clearest example of this way of spreading the Faith. It

Pan Amazon Synod to Benefit Evangelicals, Repeating Same Error of Medellin Conference

Mons. Azcona - Cópia

Most Rev. José Luis Azcona, bishop emeritus of the Marajó Prelature in the Amazon area of Belém do Pará, Brazil, has sounded the alarm: “The Amazon, at least the Brazilian part of it, is no longer Catholic” because it has “a Pentecostal majority” that in some regions “reaches 80%.” The reason? Under the pretext of