An Introduction to the Terrifying Tribal World Being Proposed

Sometimes you hear and learn things while napping. In the relaxed ambiance of a resort, imagine a tourist enjoying a full-month vacation stretching out in a comfortable easy chair where he closes his eyes for a nap. He gently lets his memory wander in search of comforting memories that will be enticing to sleep. People’s

Synod Fathers Despised the Clamor of Amazonian Catholics

On October 4, eve of the opening of the Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan Amazon Region, representatives of the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute (IPCO) officially delivered to the Synod Secretariat a “Petition to the Synod Fathers for a Christian and Prosperous Amazon (rather than a huge ‘green slum’ divided

John Paul II: The Old Missionaries are a bright and perennial example yesterday and today


APOSTOLIC TRIP TO BRAZIL OF THE HOLY FATHER JOHN PAUL II OCTOBER 12-21, 1991 ADDRESS OF THE HOLY FATHER MEETING WITH REPRESENTATIVES OF THE INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES OF BRAZIL Cuiaba, October 16, 1991 From the two last paragraphs of number 4:   These missionaries – Franciscans, Capuchins, Salesians, Jesuits, Dominicans, Carmelites, Benedictines, and many others –

Defaced Mural in Brazil of Sweden Activist to be Removed

On the eve of the Amazon Synod, people in the Amazon region are in a bad mood. A mural in the city of Sinop (MT) 500 km from the capitalof Cuiabá, depicting Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, criticized by city council members, was defaced on Tuesday, October 1. On her face was written, “Lula is

‘Demonic sacrilege’: Brazilian bishop condemns Vatican gardens’ ‘Pachamama’ ritual


A Brazilian bishop said that Pope Francis’ Oct. 4 ceremony in the Vatican gardens prior to the opening of the Amazon Synod, where people prostrated themselves before a wooden statue of a naked pregnant woman (Pachamama), constituted a “scandalous, demonic sacrilege.” “Mother Earth should not be worshipped because everything, even the earth, is under the

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: The Amazon as Seen by its Natives Your Eminence, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Imperial and Royal Highness, Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza, Gentlemen of the panel, I am very proud to represent the native Amazon peoples at this conference organized by the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute. I appreciate your invitation to speak in the eternal Rome of the ancient empire and of

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Brazil was born under the Southern Cross, under the sign of the Cross Brazil’s first name was the Land of the Holy Cross; its first monument, a cross; its first public act, a Holy Mass. Pero Vaz de Caminha, scribe of the Fleet of the Order of Christ, sent the King of Portugal, Dom Manuel “The Fortunate”, a letter describing the discovered lands. It ends thus: “The

Environmental Madness (XXII)

Chapter VII With UN Support, Radical Environmentalism Marches On When the United Nations was founded shortly after World War II, it began as an international body intended to harmonize relations among nations and to prevent new wars. Over time, other purposes were emerged. Its bureaucratic apparatus, infiltrated by the Left, started to act in order

Indigenism, the New Face of Communism

Mons. Tomás Balduino

“We are converting to other religious forms.” (Father Diego Irarrázabal, CSC) How to explain the unexplainable? Or how to explain the idyllic praise of the indigenous cultures of America, including by churchmen, almost as if the Indians are conceived without original sin? For example, the 8th Inter-Church Meeting of Basic Christian Communities of Brazil, attended

“Amazon Fires: The Witch Hunt Trial against the Brazilian Government”

Brazil’s foreign minister Ernesto Araújo responds to accusations of environmentalists and Emmanuel Macron, which are stirring public opinion around the world that Jair Bolsonaro is failing to tackle the wildfires affecting the Amazon. According to René Descartes, “common sense is the best-shared thing in the world.” He adds: “It attests to the fact that the