Monsignor Bux: The Instrumentum laboris “Is the umpteenth attempt to ‘create another Church, an already tried and failed experiment’”


The Instrumentum Laboris for the next Synod on the Amazon, to be held in Rome from October 6 to 27, is drawing serious criticism. Lately, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, a prominent Church historian, issued an authoritative critique of it. In order to delve deeper into this matter, I interviewed Msgr. Nicola Bux, an expert on Synods.

Vatican’s Amazon Synod appears bent on agenda that borders on nature-worship…where’s the Gospel?

As we approach the 2019 Pan-Amazonian Synod, scheduled to be held in October, the organizers are becoming more and more open about their goals. In the name of learning from, and protecting, the tribal peoples of Amazonia, the synod appears bent on promoting a radical form of environmentalism that borders on nature-worship, not to mention romanticizing

Amazon Synod or Vatican Council III?

For Catholics, the panorama in the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church is becoming increasingly dark. The leftist offensive being prepared through the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon foreshadows a true revolution, not only in the way we understand the Church but one with apocalyptic repercussions for the entire world order. The recently published

Here Comes Biodegradable Christianity

Continuing the analysis of the coming Amazon Synod’s Instrumentum laboris, today I propose this article by Dom Giulio Meiattini, Benedictine monk of the Abbey of Madonna della Scala di Noci, well known to our readers for his previous contributions to this blog. Towards a biodegradable Christianity It was already known or forseen for some time

Amazon Synod: ‘Missionaries that do Not Evangelize, Married Indigenous Priests, Worship of Pagan Idols’

Interview with Mr. José Antonio Ureta by Almudena Martínez-Bordiú  InfoVaticana speaks with José Antonio Ureta, researcher of the Pro Europa Christiana Federation and author of the book, Pope Francis’ Paradigm Shift: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church?, about the coming Synod on the Amazon.   There is a general silence in the

Viri probati, a Degradation of the Catholic Priesthood


We are in the final stretch towards the Synod on the Amazon and, providentially, in these months I find myself teaching theology and philosophy at the Seminary of the Prelature of Moyobamba, one of the two diocesan missions of the Archdiocese of Toledo. The Prelature of Moyobamba practically includes the Department of San Martín, in

In the Name of the Amazon Synod,

Mons Franz-Josef Overbeck

Will They Change the Doctrine and Face of the Church of God? “Nothing will be the same” in the Church after the Synod on the Amazon, stated Most Rev. Franz-Josef Overbeck, a pro-homosexual bishop in Germany (LifeSiteNews,[1] May 3, 2019). The “pro-homosexual German bishop has predicted that sweeping changes to the Catholic Church regarding sexual

Get Ready for “Catholic Animism” as Well

Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator

Animism is a backward and brutal form of paganism. It is a religion that enslaves man and submits him to many inhuman forces inside and outside of him. It is not a “natural” religion but a naturalistic one. It is not a spiritual religion, but a spiritualistic one. It does not talk about mystery but

The Pan-Amazon Synod: A Church with the Face of a Healer?

The main objective of the next Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops is “to find new ways of developing the Amazonian face of the Church.”[1] Since one can only grow something that already exists, it is well to study the physiognomy that the missionaries installed in the Amazon are already giving their communities and

Pope Francis’s Green Friends

“Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”  Laudato Si, Pope Francis’s encyclical published on June 18, 2015, marked a paradigm shift in the Vatican’s treatment of environmental issues. Among left-wing activists and politicians, it put the Vatican on the map of organizations promoting “green” ideology. In the mainstream