Brazilian President Cites Prince Bertrand’s Book. Read Environmental Madness on the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

On June 26, Chancellor Angela Merkel stated in the German Parliament: “Just like you, I see with great concern the issue of the actions of the Brazilian president (in relation to deforestation), and if the occasion presents itself, I will take the opportunity in the G20 to have a clear discussion with him.” “I perceive

The ‘Big Bertha’ of Cardinal Brandmüller

Dear Dr. Valli, Since your blog is dealing extensively with the Synod on the Amazon, I would like to convey to you some of my observations about the recent position taken by Cardinal Walter Brandmüller on the Instrumentum laboris. I hope they will be of interest you and your readers. Thank you! With an act

InfoVaticana interviews Mr. José Antonio Ureta

by InfoVaticana Amazon Synod: ‘Missionaries that do Not Evangelize, Married Indigenous Priests, Worship of Pagan Idols’ InfoVaticana speaks with José Antonio Ureta, researcher of the Pro Europa Christiana Federation and author of the book, Pope Francis’ Paradigm Shift: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church?, about the coming Synod on the Amazon. There

Is the Amazon Synod Going to Lead Us to Eco-Socialism?


There have long been lingering suspicions that the Amazon Synod is going to be a progressive festival, especially considering its key call for the “abolition of celibacy” for pseudo-pastoral reasons. However, concrete evidence to document this suspicion was lacking. Now, this evidence is gradually beginning to emerge. Bishop Edson Taschetto Damian The Jesuit’s Georgetown University

Get Ready for “Catholic Animism” as Well

Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator

Animism is a backward and brutal form of paganism. It is a religion that enslaves man and submits him to many inhuman forces inside and outside of him. It is not a “natural” religion but a naturalistic one. It is not a spiritual religion, but a spiritualistic one. It does not talk about mystery but

Why Integral Ecology Will Destroy Civilization

Giambattista Vico

Ecological Paradigm Shift It is quite well known that what little goodness and solidity still remaining in our society comes from the remnants of Christian civilization. This same civilization founded two thousand years ago allowed people to build what is improperly called medieval Christendom. Today the dominant intellectual class seeks to replace the declining “modern

Is the 8th commandment still valid?

President Bolsonaro

The Milan-based daily Avvenire, owned by the Italian Bishops’ Conference, has published a long and biased article[1] about the new Brazilian president and the situation of the Indians. The article mentions violent attacks on agents of FUNAI (the National Indian Foundation). Although such attacks are reprehensible, and their real perpetrators must be identified and punished,

Canadian archbishop pushes women deacons as ‘first step’

Synod on the family

The time has come to take women’s place in the Church “seriously,” according to the Archbishop of Gatineau, Québec. The French-speaking bishop, Paul-André Durocher, openly promoted the idea of a female diaconate that would include the celebration of the sacraments of baptism and marriage. He was speaking on Radio Canada’s Sunday evening chat-show, Tout le monde en parle (“Everyone’s

Informing, Discerning, Analyzing

Cardinal Baldisseri

Cardinal Baldisseri on Youth and the Amazon Synod The Osservatore Romano[1] of December 28, 2018 publishes a revealing interview with Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri in which the prelate clearly establishes a link between the Youth Synod held toward the end of last year and the coming Synod on the Amazon, scheduled for October 2019. According to

A “Church with an Amazonian Face” and the Danger of an “Ethnic Heresy” (Part 2)

During the two long episcopates of Bishop Samuel Ruiz and Bishop Felipe Arizmendi in the diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico (1959-2017), a Diocesan Directory for the Permanent Indigenous Diaconate[1]  was established and promulgated in January 1999. It was intended to serve as a model in the pursuit of the “goal of achieving