Climate Change Narrative is Driven by Agenda of Political Control – Myron Ebell

A very interesting video about climate change. See the description: This is American Thought Leaders, and I’m Jan Jekielek. Today we sit down with Myron Ebell, the Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a non-profit think tank that promotes limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty. We explore



Some claim that deforestation will turn the Amazon into a desert.According to the definition given by the World Meteorological Organization, a desert is a region in which it rains less than 200 mm per year. Therefore, with an average precipitation of 2,400 mm per year, the Amazon would never be classified as a desert. The

Swiss bishop: Amazon Synod could ‘contaminate whole Mystical Body of Church…gravely damage it’

Bishop Marian Eleganti, the auxiliary bishop of Chur, Switzerland has come out in support of Cardinal Walter Brandmüller’s June 27 critique of the Vatican’s working document for the upcoming Pan-Amazon Synod, saying that, if adopted, such ideas “will contaminate the whole Mystical Body of the Church – and gravely damage it.” The prelate explained in comments to

Top Italian Scientists Debunk ‘Man-Made Global Warming’

PETITION ON ‘MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING’ To Your Excellences: President of the Republic President of the Senate President of the Chamber of Deputies President of the Council PETITION ON ‘MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING’ We the undersigned, citizens and scientists, warmly invite our political leaders to adopt environmental protection policies consistent with scientific knowledge. It is particularly urgent

The Long March of a Certain Ecology toward Tribalism

Conference of Stockholm

After the “demise” of Marxism, or rather of the real socialism that served as its carrier, the international left had to recycle quite a few concepts, including that of class struggle. The confrontation between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie was abandoned; now they talk about a conflict between the South (poor countries) and the North

In the Name of the Amazon Synod,

Mons Franz-Josef Overbeck

Will They Change the Doctrine and Face of the Church of God? “Nothing will be the same” in the Church after the Synod on the Amazon, stated Most Rev. Franz-Josef Overbeck, a pro-homosexual bishop in Germany (LifeSiteNews,[1] May 3, 2019). The “pro-homosexual German bishop has predicted that sweeping changes to the Catholic Church regarding sexual

Why Modern Farming Is the Best Way To Solve Global Warming

Amazon Synod

Editors Introduction: Global climate change (formerly known as global warming) is a rallying point for the left. The culprit is carbon dioxide that must be regulated and controlled. In this article, Mr. Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda, a Brazilian expert in agriculture, ecology, environment and land management, suggests a solution that is both far less intrusive and

The Catechesis of the Indians in the History of Brazil

Discovery of Brazil

In the year 1556, Dom Pero Fernandes Sardinha – Brazil’s first bishop – took the ship Nossa Senhora da Ajuda [Our Lady of Help] accompanied by ecclesiastics, aristocrats, and entire families, sailed to Portugal. A fatal shipwreck ensued shortly after they left Salvador. Those who escaped the shipwreck – and there were many – were