“Ministries with an Amazonian Face”: An Eclipse of the Catholic Priesthood and the Hierarchical Character of the Church (3)

In the previous articles of this series, we showed how, during the post-conciliar crisis, the essential difference between the clergy and the laity was gradually blurred in the name of the ecclesiology of the People of God and of the recognition of new “lay ministries” in the official texts of the Church. From the European

Amazon Synod: The Problem Lies in Laudato Si


A disconcerting document like the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod can only be understood as the outcome of the constant growth of an ecologist current in the Church, which had its official recognition and therefore elevation to doctrine in the encyclical Laudato Si (2015). The turning point represented by the encyclical on the environment

Viri probati, a Degradation of the Catholic Priesthood


We are in the final stretch towards the Synod on the Amazon and, providentially, in these months I find myself teaching theology and philosophy at the Seminary of the Prelature of Moyobamba, one of the two diocesan missions of the Archdiocese of Toledo. The Prelature of Moyobamba practically includes the Department of San Martín, in

More Roman Confusion about Religious Pluralism

The just-released Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Synod, “Amazonia, New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology,” implicitly accepts the presupposition that God willed the diversity of religions – religious pluralism. And that presupposition lies behind its faulty concept of inculturation. Acceptance of religious pluralism predisposes the authors of this document to understand inculturation as primarily the

Indigenous Anthropology: A Cultural Revolution that Threatens Christian Latin America (I)

Professor Luis María Mesquita Errea, of the  Center for Historical, Genealogical and Heraldic Studies of the Mayorazgo de San Sebastián de Sañogasta, La Rioja, Argentina, gave an interesting and incisive lecture about Indigenist Anthropology at the Symposium titled Jornadas de Hispanidad, held in Cordoba, Argentina, in August 2005. The author turned his work into a

The Epic Missionary Endeavor that Formed Portuguese-Brazilian Christianity

From the Discovery until our days, the great work carried out by the missionaries to Christianize and civilize Brazilian aborigines Were it not for the villages, the catechesis of the Indians would be nothing more than a chimera. With their own government and authority, they were the effective and original method of indigenous conversion in

LifeSiteNews interviews Editor of Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Peruvian expert in liberation theology reveals ‘scheme’ behind the Amazon Synod ROME, June 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The upcoming synod of bishops on the Amazon region is a “scheme” aimed at “revamping” the Church according to the “most radical versions of liberation theology,” a Peruvian author has said. Julio Loredo, president of the Italian branch

“Ministries with an Amazonian Face”: An Eclipse of the Catholic Priesthood and the Hierarchical Character of the Church (1)

Christ established Peter and as Prince of the Apostles

The Working Document of the coming special Synod on the Amazon[1]  has set a time bomb. It states that “the Church is to be incarnated in Amazonian cultures that have a high sense of community, equality and solidarity, so clericalism is not accepted in its various forms of manifestation.” It adds that the Amazonian tribes

The Amazon Train Has Left. Next Stop: Germany

A few days ago, in his blog Settimo Cielo, the well-known Vaticanist Sandro Magister published this commentary on the current state of the work for the coming Pan-Amazon Synod. We invite all our readers to read it: On Monday, June 17, the Synod on the Amazon, to be convened in Rome in October, was given