Shades of Green (III)

Canion Boa Vista - São José dos Ausentes - RS

Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil CHAPTER 3 – ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION A COMPARISON WITH THE USA Embrapa Territorial recently compiled a comparison between Brazil and the United States of Ameri­ca (USA) regarding land use and occupation, with emphasis on the maintenance of native vegetation. This comparison on relatively homogeneous bases sought to make compatible, as

Amazon Bishop Condemns the Instrumentum Laboris


AMAZON MISSIONARY BISHOP: SYNOD PLANS MISS THE REAL PROBLEMS (CNA)A long-time missionary bishop of the Amazon River delta has said that the working document for an upcoming synod of bishops on the region does not address the actual problems faced by the Church in the region. Bishop José Luis Azcona, is the missionary bishop emeritus

Ecology, a New and Mean Religion?

Ataque ao metrô

Concerns over the environment, climate change, indigenous peoples, and the future of humanity are increasingly a kind of collective hysteria that ignores rationality and justifies the most insane measures. A few weeks ago, a group called “Individualistas tendiendo a lo salvaje” (Individualists Tending to the Wild) issued a statement on its website claiming responsibility for

The Amazon Synod That Could Have Been

Nosso Senhor

On Friday, Cardinal Gerhard Mueller – former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) – published a second commentary on the Synod for the Amazon, to be held in Rome this October. It follows an earlier critique of his, both of them blistering about the radical nature of what is largely a German

The Indigenous Issue

The Paresi Tribe (Mato Grosso) want to develop and decide their own destiny without depending on the guardianship of the State The indigenous issue is one of the most passionate themes because of the emotions it raises among a public unaware of the situation and mindful of Indian freedom, and especially because of the activities

Cardinal Brandmüller is right: the Instrumentum laboris is heretic and calls to apostasy. Here is the proof.

In a wide-ranging interview with journalist Edward Pentin, Roman correspondent of the National Catholic Register, Cardinal Gerhard Müller commented that in the Instrumentum laboris for the next Special Synod for the Amazon “not all of the ideas accord with basic elements of Catholic theology, especially the conception of religion”. In his momentous statement of June

Shades of green (II)


Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil CHAPTER 2 – PRESERVED AREAS IN BRAZIL NATIVE VEGETATION CONSERVATION Brazil is and will be increasingly recognized as an agricultural and environmental power. The en­tire grain (corn, rice, soybeans, beans … ), fiber (cotton, cellulose … ) and agro-energy (sugarcane, energy forests … ) production occupies 9% of the country, entailing

Indians Don’t Want to “Live in the Pre-Colonial Period”

Paresis Indians want to expand farming and master up-to-date technology.   This year, the Paresi people of the Utiariti indigenous land proceeded to harvest with up-to-date technology the nearly 4,000 hectares of corn they had sowed. In February, their modern machines had harvested 9,000 hectares of soybeans, according to a report in the daily Folha

Avvenire’s Eco-catastrophism: Fun but Worrisome


The ecologist delirium In the Catholic camp is reaching unimaginable heights. A great example of this is the daily newspaper of the Italian Bishops’ Conference. It is difficult not to notice the eco-catastrophist drift affecting a whole section of the Catholic world these days. Convinced of faithfully following the guidelines of Pope Francis, bishops, parish

Monsignor Bux: The Instrumentum laboris “Is the umpteenth attempt to ‘create another Church, an already tried and failed experiment’”


The Instrumentum Laboris for the next Synod on the Amazon, to be held in Rome from October 6 to 27, is drawing serious criticism. Lately, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, a prominent Church historian, issued an authoritative critique of it. In order to delve deeper into this matter, I interviewed Msgr. Nicola Bux, an expert on Synods.