A “Church with an Amazonian Face” and the Danger of an “Ethnic Heresy” (Part 1)

One of the most delicate balances kept in the Catholic Church is the proper relationship between its parts and the whole, between diocesan communities and the universal Church, between the bishops and the Pope, between the Latin rite and the Eastern rites. This is evident  in the Schism of the East, the Anglican rupture, the

Indian Theology: Between Religious Syncretism and a Return to Paganism (2)

In the previous article, we briefly described the emergence of Indian Theology as a cultural recycling of Liberation Theology. We concluded by pointing out that this theology aims to recover the traditional religious thought of indigenous peoples favor a synthesis of that thought with Catholic theology. The Zapotec priest Eleazar López Hernández, a “midwife” of

Indian Theology: Between Religious Syncretism and a Return to Paganism (1)

Pope Francis in Puerto Maldonado

Therefore, far from abandoning their worldview, the Indians should work “for the re-appropriation of a heritage permeated by ancestral wisdom. Such a legacy advocates a harmonious relationship between nature and the Creator.”[2] Moreover, the document presents such beliefs as a model for other cultural areas, citing the words that Pope Francis addressed to the indigenous

The Pan-Amazon Synod, or Eleazar López’s Revenge on Joseph Ratzinger

CELAM - Aparecida

The coming Synod will take place in Rome and will deal with the Amazon, the vast lowland area of South America. Paradoxically, however, the great winner of the event will be a Zapotec Indian born in high mountainous areas of North America, more precisely in Oaxaca, Mexico. He is Father Eleazar Opez Hernandez,[1]  a priest

Amazon Synod: Off to a Bad Start


The Synod on the Amazon will be held in October 2019 under the title “Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology”. Reading its preparatory document dated June 8, 2018, one is struck by its praise of the culture of indigenous peoples and even wonders if it was ever necessary to evangelize