Indigenous Anthropology: A Cultural Revolution that Threatens Christian Latin America (I)

Professor Luis María Mesquita Errea, of the  Center for Historical, Genealogical and Heraldic Studies of the Mayorazgo de San Sebastián de Sañogasta, La Rioja, Argentina, gave an interesting and incisive lecture about Indigenist Anthropology at the Symposium titled Jornadas de Hispanidad, held in Cordoba, Argentina, in August 2005. The author turned his work into a

The Epic Missionary Endeavor that Formed Portuguese-Brazilian Christianity

From the Discovery until our days, the great work carried out by the missionaries to Christianize and civilize Brazilian aborigines Were it not for the villages, the catechesis of the Indians would be nothing more than a chimera. With their own government and authority, they were the effective and original method of indigenous conversion in



Some claim that deforestation will turn the Amazon into a desert.According to the definition given by the World Meteorological Organization, a desert is a region in which it rains less than 200 mm per year. Therefore, with an average precipitation of 2,400 mm per year, the Amazon would never be classified as a desert. The

The Long March of a Certain Ecology toward Tribalism

Conference of Stockholm

After the “demise” of Marxism, or rather of the real socialism that served as its carrier, the international left had to recycle quite a few concepts, including that of class struggle. The confrontation between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie was abandoned; now they talk about a conflict between the South (poor countries) and the North

The Catechesis of the Indians in the History of Brazil

Discovery of Brazil

In the year 1556, Dom Pero Fernandes Sardinha – Brazil’s first bishop – took the ship Nossa Senhora da Ajuda [Our Lady of Help] accompanied by ecclesiastics, aristocrats, and entire families, sailed to Portugal. A fatal shipwreck ensued shortly after they left Salvador. Those who escaped the shipwreck – and there were many – were

Is the Amazon Synod Going to Lead Us to Eco-Socialism?


There have long been lingering suspicions that the Amazon Synod is going to be a progressive festival, especially considering its key call for the “abolition of celibacy” for pseudo-pastoral reasons. However, concrete evidence to document this suspicion was lacking. Now, this evidence is gradually beginning to emerge. Bishop Edson Taschetto Damian The Jesuit’s Georgetown University

The Amazon Science and Myth

As an introduction, it is unnecessary  to recall the importance and interest of the Amazon for Brazil and the world. Brazil’s control manifests itself in various ways and its political sovereignty over the Amazon should be out of the question. That includes scientific sovereignty, which the country strives to exercise against disinformation and mystifications as

The Utopian Premises of Ecological Tribalism


The Ecological Turn of “Postmodernity” When compared to yesterday’s culture a few decades ago, today’s “postmodern” culture has some rather surprising differences. One such difference is its ecologist tendency to rediscover, re-evaluate and propose models that are backward, primitive, wild and tribal. In yesterday’s culture, man was acclaimed as the master of Nature. Today, everyone

Reflections on the Greenhouse Effect

Pan-Amazon Synod

The greenhouse effect phenomenon, as described in meteorology books, is not only questionable, but also defies the laws of thermodynamics. This phenomenon is not described in physics books. The classic version compares it to that which occurs in greenhouses, where solar radiation passes through the glass panels and warms the ground and the air inside.