Is it Magisterium or not? The tangled language of the Synod

Is it Magisterium or not? The tangled language of the Synod

In the aftermath of the Amazon synod, there is a question which no one knows how to answer: is the final document part of the Magisterium or not? It has been officially said that the Apostolic Exhortation “Querida Amazonia” is part of the magisterium but the Final Document of the synod is not. But in

Querida Amazonia Allusions, ambiguity, and poetry: By how you write, I can tell you what your Magisterium is

In order to give one’s personal assent in matters of faith and morals, the believer must have a clear understanding of exactly what it is he is assenting to. All the rest is just literature. Just like Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia uses a style of language that emphasises the use of

Ten commandments for Catholics facing green alarmism

What approach should a Catholic adopt towards an event such as United Nations climate summit in Madrid (COP 25)? First of all, he should take in to consideration the gravity of the problem. Scientists have not reached an agreement which states the cause of global warming is anthropogenic. Therefore, there is neither an agreement on the worth

There Is No Synodality Without Fidelity to Doctrine


Pope Francis’ announcement of an upcoming synod dedicated to synodality cannot but worry. Despite earlier proclamations, these last synods have been a bad example of synodality. Above all, there can be no synodality without fidelity to tradition and a conscious adhesion to doctrine, as the Church has always taught. Synodality is the problem, not the

Three Errors in the Synod’s Approach

A Church with an amazonian face

Facing the Amazon Synod, we need to pay attention in order to avoid making three errors. The first is to consider the Synod, its themes, and the theological approach of the Instrumentum laboris (IL) as deriving from the needs of our times, something which has no previous history and is unaffected by a long period

But Are Amazon Natives Already Saved?

In previous posts about the upcoming Amazon Synod, I have repeatedly expressed the well-founded impression that the Amazonian peoples do not seem to need salvation. The Instrumentum laboris and official media hype present them as already saved and that it is the Church that should expect salvation from them. The Church must acquire an “Amazonian

Amazon Synod: Leonardo Boff Runs the Show

Leonardo Boff

Leonardo Boff and Pope Francis Along with his less famous brother Clodovis, Leonardo Boff is known to most people as a liberation theologian. Pope Francis invited him to contribute to the Encyclical Laudato Si on safeguarding the “common home.” What does liberation theology have to do with the problem of the environment? Leonardo Boff, who

Will the Coming Amazon Synod Neglect the Church’s Social Doctrine?

There are growing fears and doubts about the forthcoming Synod on the Amazon scheduled for October 2019. Such concerns involve specific topics related to the topics of the Synod, such as a new ecological ideology or the relationship between Christianity and indigenous cultures. However, some also fear that the Synod might possibly be used to

Synods Manipulated to Build the “New Church”

The management of the last two synods of bishops and, at least until now, of the coming Synod on the Amazon seems destined to kill the Synod as such by emptying it of authority and reducing it to a set of ecclesiastical policy moves agreed in advance. When the Synod on the Amazon is held,

Get Ready for “Catholic Animism” as Well

Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator

Animism is a backward and brutal form of paganism. It is a religion that enslaves man and submits him to many inhuman forces inside and outside of him. It is not a “natural” religion but a naturalistic one. It is not a spiritual religion, but a spiritualistic one. It does not talk about mystery but