Venezuela’s Parliament Denounces the Disappearance of 80 Pemon Indians

Rayner Peña reports on Panampost[1] of April 9 (EFE): “Venezula’s Parliament Denounces the Disappearance of 80 Indians” of the Pemon ethnic group since the end of February. “The Venezuelan Parliament’s Interior Policy Committee denounced on Tuesday the disappearance of 80 indigenous Pemons from a region bordering with Brazil” since a confrontation with Venezuelan security forces

The Amazon, Lung of the World?

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This nonsense, one of many environmental myths, is often repeated, like a mantra. Yet, some time ago, even the unsuspected Brazilian magazine Super Interessante[1]published this revealing comment: ‘Lung of the world.’ What do you think when you hear hearing this expression? It can only be that the Amazon is the world’s largest producer of oxygen,