Pope Francis urges Catholic educators to teach inclusive integral ecology


by Courtney Mares Pope Francis called for an educational revolution Thursday, telling the Congregation for Catholic Education that more effort needs to be made to accelerate the inclusiveness of education. Ecology and fraternity are an integral part of education, Pope Francis told the Catholic education leaders ahead of the pope’s Global Compact on Education taking

“Amazon Jungle Indians Were Used to Attack the Catholic Faith”

by Fernando Beltrán Fr. Ignacio María Doñoro, a missionary priest in the Amazon, states: “I think that today, more than ever, in the Amazon and anywhere else in the world, what is needed is not the ordination of married people but priests in love with Christ.” What are the major difficulties of evangelization in the

Pope releases new exhortation on Amazon Synod

MAIKE HICKSON and PATRICK B. CRAINE Pope releases new exhortation on Amazon Synod While the text fails to accept the progressives’ most high-profile proposals, many are sure to argue that it leaves ample room for them to advance a revolutionary agenda. Pope Francis released his official text on the Amazon Synod today at noon Rome

Disposal of green energy It’s not a green matter


Anna Bono Everyone wants to avoid creating environmental problems. But good intentions is not enough if science kowtows to environmental ideology. For example: it is easy to talk about renewable energy, but the consequences of the disposal of obsolete wind turbine blades are a growing problem for the environment. This is why. Everyone believes that

Man who threw Pachamama in Tiber fires back

Alexander Tschugguel

Martin Bürger Alexander Tschugguel, the young Austrian founder of the Saint Boniface Institute who threw the Amazon Synod’s Pachamama idols in the Tiber river last October, has fired back after a professor of dogmatic theology accused him of falling behind the Second Vatican Council. “I’m convinced that Christ’s saying will always be true, ‘No one

The battle for the Vatican


Note:  Although not all views in this report represent the position of the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch website, it is helpful to compose a picture of the situation. HANNAH ROBERTS – Politico ROME — When Benedict XVI resigned as pope in 2013, he vowed to spend his retirement in contemplation and prayer — and not to interfere



Six Italian bishops are decrying the “drama of environmental pollution” in a recent letter, warning they must double down on the “prophetic dimension” of their ministry on behalf of the planet. Critics allege they are furthering environmental alarmism, which Cdl. Raymond Burke warns is an element to push for a one-world government. The letter, addressed

“The Pope Supports the Left. He Is Creating Confusion”

Interview of the Synod Watch Editor with Il Giornale TFP leader Julio Loredo: “The Pope has legitimized Liberation Theology. But the faithful seek tradition.” Liberation Theology is still a problem. Indeed, with the current pontificate, this way of understanding Catholicism has gained space and prominence, as many in the multifaceted, so-called “traditional world” are convinced.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Pachamama was worshiped at Vatican and it wasn’t harmless

On October 4, 2019, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, in the presence of Pope Francis and other high ecclesiastical dignitaries, there was held a ceremony in the Vatican Gardens that was clearly religious in character, as stated in the Vatican press release of October 4, 2019: “During the prayer ceremony, concluding the ‘Season

The Indians, a Privileged Class

Pe. Antônio Vieira SJ

Undoing the slanders against the colonization of the Americas In the overseas kingdoms, all are full-fledged citizens This common Catholic mentality meant that the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal did not look upon new possessions as mere colonies or additions, but as parts of themselves: “The basic concept of the Spanish Empire is not what