The Amazon Synod’s Bad New Ally: The Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT), Uniting Progressivism and Leftism

Look who is defending the cause of the Amazon Synod – Brazil’s Workers’ Party (PT)! “We are ready to contribute to this very important Assembly, which is being attacked by the Bolsonaro government simply because its theme is that the Amazon is being destroyed and given over to foreign capital. Everyone who supports it deserves

The Pan-Amazon Synod and Vatican Contradictions: Yes to China, No to Brazil

The contradictions of Vatican policy become more pronounced as the Pan-Amazon Synod draws near. As the Brazilian daily O Estado de S. Paulo reported, “The Vatican has vetoed the participation of incumbent politicians in the Synod, denying a request by the Brazilian government, which is the main interested party in the discussions as most of

Chimu Culture Ritually Sacrificed 227 Children

Recent discoveries would greatly help anthropologists, indigenists, and bishops at the coming Pan-Amazon Synod with their idyllic cerebral constructions about indigenous peoples with these recent discoveries. An AFP August release, transcribed by Yahoo[1], reports: “Archeologists in Peru say the 227 bodies they have unearthed from a site used by the pre-Columbian Chimu culture is the biggest-ever

The Left, CIMI and the Amazon Synod Loathe My Christian-Born Brazil

Museu Nacional de Belas Artes

The Birth of Christian Brazil, Rejected by the Left Eighty years ago on July 16, 1939, Feast of the Blessed Forty Brazilian martyrs, this is how the Legionário commented on the apostolate of Father Ignacio de Azevedo (July 15, 1570), recruiting missionaries to nascent Brazil: “He led the largest missionary expedition drawn from Europe in those

The Left-wing Media and The Amazon Synod: Hand-in-Hand with Indigenism

The national and international media have pulled out all the stops to publicize Cacique Raoni’s trip to European countries, including his interview with French president Emmanuel Macron and his visit with Pope Francis. Unsurprisingly, the same media kept railing against Brazil and its government, and emphasizing that the Indian chief’s journey aimed at denouncing Brazil

In the Name of the Amazon Synod,

Mons Franz-Josef Overbeck

Will They Change the Doctrine and Face of the Church of God? “Nothing will be the same” in the Church after the Synod on the Amazon, stated Most Rev. Franz-Josef Overbeck, a pro-homosexual bishop in Germany (LifeSiteNews,[1] May 3, 2019). The “pro-homosexual German bishop has predicted that sweeping changes to the Catholic Church regarding sexual

Amazon Synod: Leftist Media Strive to Pit Government Against Church

Sinodo da Amazonia

The Brazilian left-wing media continue to demonstrate their anti-patriotism. They continuously strive to exploit statements or disagreements among members of the new administration – a quest that has often backfired as the mostly conservative population remains orderly and vigilant. Now they are taking a bold new step by trying to put the Catholic Church and