“Dear Amazonia…” – The Match Is Only Postponed

The post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis is published at last. Querida Amazonia is not a very long document: 111 paragraphs, divided into four sections which have the goal of expressing what “resonates” with the Pontiff after the experience of the synod, while not wanting to replace or simply repeat the Final Document of the

Cardinal Sarah: Ordaining married priests is a pastoral catastrophe


In the book From the Depths of Our Hearts, Cardinal Sarah deduces the consequences of the teachings of Benedict XVI, especially in the light of the Amazonian Synod which he was present at. By “weakening” priestly celibacy, Sarah says, it is primarily the faithful who would suffer the devastation, because they would be deprived of

The Amazonian Rite: An Excuse To Fragment Catholicism


An Amazonian Rite? Then why not a Bantu Rite or a Pygmyan Rite, until there is a complete fragmentation of the Roman Rite? To cite the Ambrosian Rite as a model is in error, because the Ambrosian Rite developed as the result of a profound assimilation between the Roman Rite and the Eastern Rites in