Pope Francis Brakes on Theology, Accelerates on Politics

Conservative Catholics from around the world were relieved, even elated, with the publication of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation “Querida Amazonia”, issued by Pope Francis on February 12th as the conclusive document of the Special Synod of the Pan-Amazon region that took place in Rome last October. The Exhortation seemed indeed to meet the requests of

The Synod’s Khomeinian Drift

Towards the end of the Cold War, Latin America became the battleground between two visions of society and the economy: the Western one, based on private property, free initiative, and free market, and the statist, centralizing, and socialist, represented by the Soviet model with its Cuban offshoot in the American hemisphere. The spectacular fall of

Marxist Liberation Theology Is Reborn

Perhaps the most controversial Synod in the recent history of the Church ended on Saturday, October 25, with the publication of its Final Document. Unlike ordinary synods, which deal with specific points of theology or pastoral policy, the special Synod for the Pan-Amazonian region was presented as a sort of “Vatican Council III” which would

Brazil: Growing Reaction against the Amazon Synod

A growing number of Brazilians are showing concern about the pernicious consequences that may derive from the upcoming Pan Amazon Synod, which will open in the Vatican in a week. At first, few understood exactly what it was about. In fact, the Synod’s documents circulated almost exclusively among experts, that is to say, the followers

They’re Saying It…

Crux, the well-known American Catholic online newspaper, has published a long article signed by Christopher White, which deserves some comment. Beginning with its title, “Catholic reactionary group raising its profile ahead of Amazon synod” the article takes issue with “a network of far-right groups in Brazil … with a long history of opposing Vatican II

Overturning Two Thousand Years of Pastoral Work

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The Church evangelizes by civilizing and civilizes by evangelizing. In the Church’s two-thousand-year existence, the divine commandment “go ye and teach all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Mt 28:19) has always borne fruit also in the temporal sphere. While spreading the Faith in

Amazon Synod: The Trojan Horse of Liberation Theology

“We have before us a window of opportunity that will allow us to move forward. We must not propose Liberation Theology. It scares many people. We need to talk about socio-environmental issues instead. Along this line, among the signs of the times, here you have the Pan Amazon Synod, to be held in October. This

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s Bitter Satisfaction of Having Foreseen it All

Until a few years ago, if someone had spoken of indigenous tribalism as a solution to the crisis of the modern world, he would have been laughed at and considered a lunatic. And if someone mentioned a tribalization of the Church as the natural destination of the Second Vatican Council, perhaps not even the most

Cardinal Barreto: A Surprise (perhaps) Now Explained

The nomination as cardinal of the Most Rev. Pedro Barreto Jimeno, Archbishop of Huancayo, Peru, in May 2018, was a capital surprise. Some compared it to a small atomic bomb. Indeed, Peru has always had only one cardinal, that of the primatial see of Lima, the country’s capital, which thus became a point of reference

The Vatican Synod’s Amazon Dream

Bishop Edson Taschetto Damian

The Amazon Synod to be held in Rome in October is all focused on “listening”. This word occurs 45 times in the Instrumentum laboris. The Synod itself is understood as “a process of synodal listening”, a “privileged instrument of listening”, a “dynamic process of listening” (no. 1:5). What do they really want to “listen” to?