Ecology, a New and Mean Religion?

Ataque ao metrô

Concerns over the environment, climate change, indigenous peoples, and the future of humanity are increasingly a kind of collective hysteria that ignores rationality and justifies the most insane measures. A few weeks ago, a group called “Individualistas tendiendo a lo salvaje” (Individualists Tending to the Wild) issued a statement on its website claiming responsibility for

From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology A Revolution Entrenched in the Church (III)


Ecofeminist Theology Ideologically Supports the Most Extreme Demands of the Coming Pan-Amazon Synod We will now continue with the topic of “ecofeminist theology” and its influence on the convocation of the next Synod on the Amazon. As we will see, if they are not stopped, the transformations proposed by ecofeminist theologians can have profound consequences

Pachamama Worship and Combating Free Enterprise

Those who follow liturgical celebrations and episcopal ordinations more closely will remember the investiture of the Bishop of Arica, Chile, Moisés Atisha, in which all the bishops in attendance, including the Nuncio, participated in an indigenous pagan “celebration” invoking the spirits of the still non–evangelized Aymara Indians. At the time, they gave no explanation about

From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology A Revolution Entrenched in the Church (II)

Introduction We continue with installments from the study, From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology in order to help readers understand the ideological positions hidden behind those who encourage this new theology supposed to guide the next Synod on the Amazon. Feminist theology in the words of its own authors The book Del Cielo a la

“Do Not Burn What You Adored”

Synod on the Amazon, or ‘amazonization’ of the Church? Imagine the consequences for civilization and the world’s progress had Saint Remigius told Clovis: “There’s no need to burn the gods you worship because they represent immemorial values ​​of the original culture of your people.” Or if Saint Boniface, the apostle of what would become Germany,

Ecofeminist Theology and the Amazon Synod’s Theological Assumptions

For a better understanding of the principles that animate the currents seeking to use the next Synod to promote a “Church with an Amazonian face,” we will address a self-entitled “ecofeminist theology” which permeates the already known proposals that will be presented at the synod. However, before presenting the main tenets of the neo ecofeminist

Rwanda and the Upcoming Synod on the Amazon


The month of April 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the fastest and most cruel genocide of our time: 800,000 people dead in 100 days. In April and part of May, 1994, members of the Hutu tribe of Rwanda relentlessly killed women, children, the elderly, and anyone from the Tutsi tribe with machetes. Are there

Feminist Theology and “Tribal Morals”

Elina Vuola

Feminist theologians make a severe criticism of liberation theologians who preceded them. This is what the Finnish writer Elina Vuola states in her book, La ética sexual y los límites de la Praxis [Sexual Ethics and the Limits of Praxis], published by the Abya-Yala publishing house, dependent on the University of the Salesians in Quito,

A “Way of the Cross”? Or a Cross in the Passion of the Church?

VS Repam 15 estação

The texts and illustrations of the Way of the Cross presented by REPAM are beyond words. They seek to identify the Passion of Our Divine Redeemer, by which He redeemed all men from the original sin committed by our first Parents, with pagan customs of aboriginal peoples and the environment. This Way of the Cross