Pachamama Out as Bolivia’s New President Takes Oath of Office

There is no doubt that Evo Morales was a great friend of Pope Francis, calling him “brother Pope” to indicate that, unlike the bishops of his nation, Francis can be trusted. Their mutual friendship led “The Puebla Group,” composed of left-wing political leaders, to have recourse to Pope Francis in extremis to try to save

Interculturation: Only Drumming and Feathers?

Those who take the trouble of monitoring the Amazon Synod briefings end up with mixed feelings. All statements deal with “going out,” “openness,” “recognition,” “integral ecology,” etc. However, listening to some of the Synod Fathers, it seems that such expressions do not go beyond secondary concessions on liturgy and catechesis. Those proposing this “moderate” vision

“Nothing Great Is Done Suddenly”

The ceremony held in the Vatican gardens in the presence of Pope Francis, in which a naked and pregnant woman was venerated, with ritual dances typical of the pagan Amazonian peoples, had a huge worldwide impact. No wonder. How should the faithful understand such religious syncretism? How can one understand Pope Francis’ approval of all

Symbols and Doctrine

The Catholic Church, as Mother and Teacher, clearly teaches her children doctrines based on the supernatural truths revealed by Our Lord Jesus Christ. To this end, she also employed symbols to make it easier for all nations to understand them. The cross is undoubtedly the clearest example of this way of spreading the Faith. It

Two Synods: One on the Amazon, One in Germany

Two synods are beginning that will have serious consequences for the unity of the Church. The first is called “Amazon Synod,” but it is public knowledge that its organization, funding and participants largely come from the German world. The other “synod” begins on the first Sunday of Advent, that is, December 1. It will take

The Amazon Synod and the Utopia of Poverty

Catholic doctrine teaches that both poverty and wealth are means that can serve to reach our main goal, which is eternal salvation. For this reason, the  Church does not condemn the fact of being rich or poor, but only people’s attachment to riches and contempt of poverty, attitudes at odds with the first Commandment of

Pachamama, Just a Symbol or Also an Idol?

The removal from the Roman church of Santa Maria in Traspontina of three statues of a naked woman, in an advanced state of pregnancy, which were then thrown into the waters of the Tiber has caused a stir and the images of what happened have gone viral on social media. The outcry is not surprising.

From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology: A Revolution Encroached in the Church (X)

Introduction: The expression “Pachamama” or “Mother Earth” has become commonplace as the appreciation for indigenous things grows. However, ecofeminist theologians have sought in it a deeper meaning than the one attributed by pagan pre-Columbian peoples. We do not know if the writers of the Synod’s Instrumentum Laboris agree with the theses of ecofeminists, but the

Is Poverty an Ideal for All?

The Instrumentum Laboris and documents of the Ecclesial Network for the Amazon (Repam) have contradictory aspects regarding the poverty of Amazonian populations and poverty in general. On the one hand, they say that since Amazonian inhabitants are among the poorest on the planet, they deserve special attention and care. On the other hand, they say

From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology: A Revolution Encroached in the Church (IX)

Introduction The recent fires in the Amazon have brought to the fore the issue of using natural resources versus adopting a tribal, supposedly uncontaminated, and environmentally friendly way of life. As we will see, the current debate has been taking place for a long time, and the promoters of tribalism are taking advantage of an