Inhuman Ecologism, the Nazi Forerunner of “Deep Ecology”

“Be human!” is the slogan the media recently spread in an attempt to relaunch a “new humanism” proposed by well-known exponents of the cultural and political worlds, including the Christian sphere. The new president of the European Commission was perhaps alluding to it as she recalled the need to recover the original culture and “lifestyle”

From Technocratic to Ecological Globalism?

Both the Council and the early post-conciliar Church praised man, discoverer of the laws of history and nature, manipulator of material forces, master of time and conqueror of space, committed to achieving a humanization of nature that ensures peace and the progress of peoples. Instead, the new pastoral care laments man’s insertion in nature, denounces

“Politically Correct” Ecology: An Impious and Inhumane Ideology

From “politically correct” to “ecologically correct” Contemporary culture is dominated by a new form of ideological dictatorship to which everything is adapted and sacrificed: the “politically correct”. This is well described in a recent book titled Politicamente corretto. Storia di una ideologia (“Politically Correct: The History of an Ideology”) (Editrice Marsilio, Venice 2018), written by

Why Integral Ecology Will Destroy Civilization

Giambattista Vico

Ecological Paradigm Shift It is quite well known that what little goodness and solidity still remaining in our society comes from the remnants of Christian civilization. This same civilization founded two thousand years ago allowed people to build what is improperly called medieval Christendom. Today the dominant intellectual class seeks to replace the declining “modern

The Utopian Premises of Ecological Tribalism


The Ecological Turn of “Postmodernity” When compared to yesterday’s culture a few decades ago, today’s “postmodern” culture has some rather surprising differences. One such difference is its ecologist tendency to rediscover, re-evaluate and propose models that are backward, primitive, wild and tribal. In yesterday’s culture, man was acclaimed as the master of Nature. Today, everyone