Infanticide in Indian Tribes: Rusconi Answers Cardinal Barreto

In yesterday’s synod briefing (Tuesday, October 8, 2019), Cardinal Pedro Barreto said, answering one of our questions, that he had never heard that about twenty Amazonian indigenous peoples still practice infanticide. Never before was a site linked to the Brazilian Bishops’ Conference known to have hosted an article attacking a projected bill forbidding indigenous infanticide.

Amazon Synod: Seizing Power

We publish below Vaticanist Giuseppe Rusconi’s interview with José Antonio Ureta, columnist of the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch, which appeared on the Rossoporpora blog. On the distant origins of this Synod, and on the importance of what is at stake, we interviewed Professor José Antonio Ureta, known here in Italy above all for his recent book,


Some thoughts on the meeting, full of commentary in various fields, promoted in Rome on Saturday, October 5, by the Institute Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (founder of Tradition Family Property). Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller were also present. Previous Next Opened with a prayer to the Our Lady of Guadalupe led by Cardinal Raymond L. Burke,