“Habemus Papam Ecologistum”

laudato si

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si employs the word “nature” 74 times, “environment” 55 times, and the expression “Jesus Christ”, designating the second Person of the Holy Trinity, only once. A non-deified Galilean master, simply called “Jesus,” appears 22 times, the same number as “technology” and less than half as “science”, evoked 55 times. Yet the

The President and the Amazon


The challenge is to enforce the Brazilian Forest Code and ensure the management of the areas already assigned The presidential elections of 2018 gave rise to debates and controversies on, among other things,  the occupation and preservation of the Amazon region. Alarmist pundits denounced the forest’s imminent devastation, the abandonment of conservation policies, and agriculture

The Amazon Science and Myth

As an introduction, it is unnecessary  to recall the importance and interest of the Amazon for Brazil and the world. Brazil’s control manifests itself in various ways and its political sovereignty over the Amazon should be out of the question. That includes scientific sovereignty, which the country strives to exercise against disinformation and mystifications as