The Genesis of Christian Civilization in Brazil

The great epic of Portuguese missionaries in the evangelization and colonization of Brazil Harsh was the reality that the Portuguese encountered when they arrived in Brazil  five hundred years ago. The natives did not correspond to the myth of the “noble savage” living in a paradisiacal America. Before the Discovery, Brazil was inhabited by a

500 Years Ago, Columbus’ Ships Landed in America…

In the celebrations and protests of  the Fifth Centenary, the voice of the Church from the Discovery to our times On the occasion of the fifth centennial of the discovery of the Americas, being celebrated on October 12th, there is growing propaganda against the continent’s missionaries and colonizers. This colossal wave of publicity against the

The Beginning of Christian Civilization in the Americas


The great epic Portuguese and Spanish colonization and evangelization of our huge continent What reality did the Europeans who came to America 500 years ago encounter in its beaches and mountains, jungles and plains? Did it correspond to the ‘noble savage’ myth in a paradisical America? It soon became obvious that things were not quite

Indigenous Tribalism, the Ideal of Neo-missiology

A new order for society is to be based on tribal organization, for Indians live in a community of goods, a complete absence of wages, bosses, etc. The tribe alone prevails, absorbing almost all individual liberties. Unlike the traditional Catholic view of the missions, a recent and active ideological trend of neo-missionaries, indigenists, ecologists, anthropologists

The Epic Missionary Endeavor that Formed Portuguese-Brazilian Christianity

From the Discovery until our days, the great work carried out by the missionaries to Christianize and civilize Brazilian aborigines Were it not for the villages, the catechesis of the Indians would be nothing more than a chimera. With their own government and authority, they were the effective and original method of indigenous conversion in

The Catechesis of the Indians in the History of Brazil

Discovery of Brazil

In the year 1556, Dom Pero Fernandes Sardinha – Brazil’s first bishop – took the ship Nossa Senhora da Ajuda [Our Lady of Help] accompanied by ecclesiastics, aristocrats, and entire families, sailed to Portugal. A fatal shipwreck ensued shortly after they left Salvador. Those who escaped the shipwreck – and there were many – were