The Apostolic Zeal of the Conquerors

Christopher Columbus

Undoing slanders against the colonization of America Hundreds of decrees and other documents emanating from the royal authority during the three centuries of Spanish rule in America, similar to those cited in the previous article , attest to the constant and amazing apostolic zeal of the Catholic Kings. They also reveal the wise policy used

Three Errors in the Synod’s Approach

A Church with an amazonian face

Facing the Amazon Synod, we need to pay attention in order to avoid making three errors. The first is to consider the Synod, its themes, and the theological approach of the Instrumentum laboris (IL) as deriving from the needs of our times, something which has no previous history and is unaffected by a long period

The Amazonian Rite: An Excuse To Fragment Catholicism


An Amazonian Rite? Then why not a Bantu Rite or a Pygmyan Rite, until there is a complete fragmentation of the Roman Rite? To cite the Ambrosian Rite as a model is in error, because the Ambrosian Rite developed as the result of a profound assimilation between the Roman Rite and the Eastern Rites in

Pandora’s box


If you follow the daily press conferences of the Amazon synod, you will hear the same tune every time: new ways, listening to the indigenous population, climate change and Mother Earth. It seems that the fundamental problems just don’t want to be mentioned. In this respect, this synod is very similar to the Youth Synod

Cardinal Müller: ‘The great mistake was to bring the idols into the Church, not to put them out’

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has issued a strong statement against the erection of “idols” in a Roman church for the Amazon Synod. In a short excerpt published tonight of a longer interview with Raymond Arroyo for his The World Over show on EWTN, Cardinal Müller states that “to bring the idols into the Church was a