Idols in the Tiber: Not Theft, But Self-Defense


Tommaso Scandroglio     Contrary to the claims of Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication, the action carried out by two unknown persons who threw Pachamama statues into the Tiber is an act of legitimate defense of the Catholic faith, rather than theft. Saint Thomas Aquinas says so, and here is why.

Would the Synod Approve the Nazi Resurrection of Pagan Gods?

The Amazon Synod is fraught with contradictions. The Synod Fathers discuss the Amazon while at the same time vetoing the participation of representatives of the Bolsonaro government. They claim that riverside populations lack religious assistance while forgetting that, in the country’s cities, millions are waiting to hear the preaching of the Gospel. Today, I want

Ecuador Joins the Crusade for a Catholic and Prosperous Amazon

Previous Next From September 13-16, volunteers and friends of the Ecuadorian organization Blessed Pius IX Circle and of Brazil’s Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute joined in a campaign that started in Brazil and extended to several Amazonian countries. Collecting signatures for a petition asking for “A Catholic and Prosperous Amazon,” they toured most capitals of

‘Symbol of life’ or ‘Pachamama’: Vatican and REPAM synod organizers divided on identity of mysterious statue?


Previous Next The precise identity of the mysterious carved female statue used in a ceremony in the Vatican Gardens is still unknown as the Vatican insists it signifies “fertility and life,” while volunteers where the statue is on display describe it as “Mother Earth” and “Pachamama.”  In response to a question from LifeSite at Friday’s

Environmental Madness (XXIII) (Last in this series)

Germany Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

3. The Earth Charter, a New “Ten Commandments” The proposed Earth Charter presented at Rio 92  was not accepted because governments failed to reach a consensus. Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and later President of the Soviet Union, has dedicated himself to the promotion of ecological