Former nun participating in Amazon Synod: Female ‘ordination’ ‘simply has to come’

Regina Reinart Female “ordination” “simply has to come,” an employee of the German bishops’ relief agency Misereor said in an October 12 interview, adding that “the house of cards has to fall.” Those words came from Regina Reinart, who is participating at the current Pan-Amazon Synod in Rome, in an interview with the website

Cardinal Schönborn says he allows women to preside at funerals in his diocese

Vienna archbishop and leading Amazon Synod participant Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has given permission for women to preside at funerals in his diocese, he said in an interview with Vatican Radio. This week, Pope Francis personally appointed Schönborn to the committee that will write the final synod document. One of the proposals being advanced at the synod,

Infanticide in Indian Tribes: Rusconi Answers Cardinal Barreto

In yesterday’s synod briefing (Tuesday, October 8, 2019), Cardinal Pedro Barreto said, answering one of our questions, that he had never heard that about twenty Amazonian indigenous peoples still practice infanticide. Never before was a site linked to the Brazilian Bishops’ Conference known to have hosted an article attacking a projected bill forbidding indigenous infanticide.

‘A path is open for the ordination of women’ synod bishop claims

A Brazilian bishop has called for the ordination of women to the diaconate for service in the Amazon region. The bishop said that 2009 revisions to canon law could allow for the ordination of women deacons, but a leading canon lawyer in the Vatican has disputed that idea. Bishop Evaristo Pascoal Spengler, OFM leads the

Key Amazon Synod organizer: Final document ‘already written’ but ‘no one knows’ who authored it

Dom Erwin kräutler

A key organizer of the Amazon Synod has confirmed that the final document is “already written,” but has said that “no one knows” who wrote it. In comments to LifeSite outside the Synod Hall on Tuesday evening, Austrian-born Bishop Emeritus Erwin Kräutler of Xingu, Brazil, who is regarded as the principal author of the synod’s

“Dis-evangelized” Amazon. The Numbers of a Catholic Church Reduced By Half

At the press conference on Monday, October 14 Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Vatican dicastery for communication, was asked why updated statistical data have not been released on the religious affiliation of inhabitants of the Amazon, seeing the impetuous growth of the Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches, at the expense of the Catholic Church. Paolo Ruffini

Pachamama, Just a Symbol or Also an Idol?

The removal from the Roman church of Santa Maria in Traspontina of three statues of a naked woman, in an advanced state of pregnancy, which were then thrown into the waters of the Tiber has caused a stir and the images of what happened have gone viral on social media. The outcry is not surprising.