Reports by Small Working Groups Confirm Concerns About Synod

The Amazon Synod is moving ahead quickly and safely in the direction set by its promoters and organizers. Although with different nuances, the Synod Fathers appear to agree substantially on the proposals to present in the final document. Indeed, the reports by the Small Working Groups delivered to the General Secretary of the Synod, and

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Brazil was born under the Southern Cross, under the sign of the Cross Brazil’s first name was the Land of the Holy Cross; its first monument, a cross; its first public act, a Holy Mass. Pero Vaz de Caminha, scribe of the Fleet of the Order of Christ, sent the King of Portugal, Dom Manuel “The Fortunate”, a letter describing the discovered lands. It ends thus: “The

Canon lawyer priest on Amazon Synod’s pagan tree-planting: ‘This is horrendous’


Reacting to Pope Francis’s participation in a “pagan religious ceremony” on the grounds of the Vatican, a canon lawyer said on EWTN’s The World Over that the ceremony was “horrendous” and that Catholicism is supposed to “overthrow pagan false notions,” not be taught by them. On October 4, Pope Francis observed as an Amazonian woman

Pan-Amazonian Pandemic: A Pivotal Moment in the Church

Contrary to the picture painted by the Pan-Amazonian Synod planners, Western culture has brought great blessings to this world Note: This is the second article in series in which I express my serious concerns about the working document (instrumentum laboris) for October’s Pan-Amazonian Synod. In the first article in this series, we noted that the working

A New Pact of Catacombs

Shrouded by darkness on the night of Nov. 16, 1965, 42 bishops led by the “red” Abp. Hélder Câmara of Olinda and Recife, Brazil, secretly left the Vatican and met at the Santa Domitilla Catacombs on the edge of Rome. As the curtain fell on Vatican II, they celebrated Mass and signed a secret document