Cardinal Müller Accuses: From This Synod They Have Driven Out Jesus

Cardinal Müller

The Synod on the Amazon has begun. “But it will have consequences for the universal Church,” warns Cardinal Gerhard Müller, in a lengthy interview with Matteo Matzuzzi for the newspaper “Il Foglio,” released on the very day of the opening of the work. “If one listens to the voices of some of the protagonists of this

Hermes Rodrigues Nery: “Let the Vatican Not Allow Globalism to Occupy the Amazon”

Pro-life professor: “The October Synod risks encouraging the challenge to Brazil and self-management for indigenous peoples.” “The Triple-A corridor or Anaconda Corridor is a prelude for the internationalization of the Amazon, putting at risk the sovereignty of local States and particularly Brazil. As Brazilian Catholics we would like an unequivocal explanation and precise statement that

“Amazon Fires: The Witch Hunt Trial against the Brazilian Government”

Brazil’s foreign minister Ernesto Araújo responds to accusations of environmentalists and Emmanuel Macron, which are stirring public opinion around the world that Jair Bolsonaro is failing to tackle the wildfires affecting the Amazon. According to René Descartes, “common sense is the best-shared thing in the world.” He adds: “It attests to the fact that the