Environmental Madness (XIX)

4. If the Weather Does Not Change, Let’s Change the Maps! “Environmentalists” do not just peddle myths, half-truths and inaccuracies: they frequently employ false data. In 2011, the highly renowned Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, in its 13th edition showed Greenland as having lost 15 % of its perennial ice cover as compared to

Brazilian Bishop: “The Church’s Mission is to bring the Gospel to Everyone, Including the Indigenous. No Culture is Above Christ”.

On his radio program of October 1, Most Rev. Adair Guimarães, Bishop of Formosa (State of Goiás-Brazil) spoke about the Amazon Synod. Here are some of the most relevant excerpts: Let us pray for our Church in these difficult times. Many people [are] concerned about this Amazon Synod because many voices have proposed topics beyond

Is Poverty an Ideal for All?

The Instrumentum Laboris and documents of the Ecclesial Network for the Amazon (Repam) have contradictory aspects regarding the poverty of Amazonian populations and poverty in general. On the one hand, they say that since Amazonian inhabitants are among the poorest on the planet, they deserve special attention and care. On the other hand, they say