From Liberation Theology to Ecofeminist Theology A Revolution Entrenched in the Church (VI)


What Will Happen When Ecofeminist Theologians Teach Amazonian Tribes? In general, pagan peoples who have not known Revelation are marked by customs that contradict morality and good customs, including homosexuality, cannibalism and infanticide. However,  such customs among them lack an ideological justification; they are a fatal consequence of not fighting against the vices of fallen

About the Nature Created by God, a Few Phrases that Ecologists Hate

“God made creation, admirable and harmonious, for man alone. And if He made it so wonderful, great, diverse, rich, useful, beneficial to nourish the body and lead the soul to God, it is because of man.” (St. John Chrysostom) “Things on the face of the earth were created for man’s sake, to help him achieve