Ecology, a New and Mean Religion?

Ataque ao metrô

Concerns over the environment, climate change, indigenous peoples, and the future of humanity are increasingly a kind of collective hysteria that ignores rationality and justifies the most insane measures. A few weeks ago, a group called “Individualistas tendiendo a lo salvaje” (Individualists Tending to the Wild) issued a statement on its website claiming responsibility for

Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century (XIII)

San José Anchieta italiano e Saint Joseph of Anchieta

PART III “Aggiornate” Missionary Voices Section V Evangelization is Not Necessary For “updated” catechists, tribal life is so meritorious that the Gospel – and the Christian Civilization derived from it – are relegated to a second level.[1] Symptoms of this have already appeared in texts numbered 11-16. Concerning this subject it would be possible to