Environmental Madness (VIII)

Chapter III Stinging Scientific Denial of Environmentalist Theories From what we have seen so far, we can say that scientists disagree on countless points of environmentalist propaganda as it is disseminated around the world. Putting it very simply we can say that environmentalist claims are fiercely stubborn seek support for their views by any means

The Cruel Torments Inflicted on the Distinguished Servant of God Fray Diego Ortiz

A long time ago, at the beginning of the year 1569, Augustinian missionaries evangelized the Vilcabamba region near Cusco, Peru. Fray Diego Ruiz Ortiz arrived there to participate in their mission. From the chronicles of that religious family, we extract this story, forgotten by men, but not by God. Vilcabamba today *     *     * A

Amazon Synod: The Trojan Horse of Liberation Theology

“We have before us a window of opportunity that will allow us to move forward. We must not propose Liberation Theology. It scares many people. We need to talk about socio-environmental issues instead. Along this line, among the signs of the times, here you have the Pan Amazon Synod, to be held in October. This