Pachamama Worship and Combating Free Enterprise

Those who follow liturgical celebrations and episcopal ordinations more closely will remember the investiture of the Bishop of Arica, Chile, Moisés Atisha, in which all the bishops in attendance, including the Nuncio, participated in an indigenous pagan “celebration” invoking the spirits of the still non–evangelized Aymara Indians. At the time, they gave no explanation about

Vatican’s Amazon Synod appears bent on agenda that borders on nature-worship…where’s the Gospel?

As we approach the 2019 Pan-Amazonian Synod, scheduled to be held in October, the organizers are becoming more and more open about their goals. In the name of learning from, and protecting, the tribal peoples of Amazonia, the synod appears bent on promoting a radical form of environmentalism that borders on nature-worship, not to mention romanticizing

Is Global Warming Really Happening?

For politicians, celebrities, journalists, the United Nations, and Pope Francis, the belief that mankind is causing a steep rise in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere is more than just a theory, but an article of faith. According to this belief, man’s production of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, is the primary cause of an unprecedented