The Agenda Behind Global Warming Alarmism


There is plenty of other evidence that CO2 is trivial to climate change. For starters: Water vapor is by far the most important greenhouse gas, providing 96% to 98% of any greenhouse effect. Here’s an intriguing question for you: In a room 20 feet by 20 feet with a ten foot ceiling, how many matches

The Church Does Not Know the Word ‘Break’

We are publishing this interview with Cardinal Brandmüller courtesy of Sabino Paciolla’s Blog. Italian translation of the original German, which appeared in Die Tagestpost, by Alessandra Carboni Riehn; English translation by the staff of Pan-Amazon Synod Watch. The fact that the Church in Germany is going through a crisis has been demonstrated by the figures

Here Comes Biodegradable Christianity

Continuing the analysis of the coming Amazon Synod’s Instrumentum laboris, today I propose this article by Dom Giulio Meiattini, Benedictine monk of the Abbey of Madonna della Scala di Noci, well known to our readers for his previous contributions to this blog. Towards a biodegradable Christianity It was already known or forseen for some time