“Do Not Burn What You Adored”

Synod on the Amazon, or ‘amazonization’ of the Church? Imagine the consequences for civilization and the world’s progress had Saint Remigius told Clovis: “There’s no need to burn the gods you worship because they represent immemorial values ​​of the original culture of your people.” Or if Saint Boniface, the apostle of what would become Germany,

Indigenous Tribalism, the Ideal of Neo-missiology

A new order for society is to be based on tribal organization, for Indians live in a community of goods, a complete absence of wages, bosses, etc. The tribe alone prevails, absorbing almost all individual liberties. Unlike the traditional Catholic view of the missions, a recent and active ideological trend of neo-missionaries, indigenists, ecologists, anthropologists

Amazon Synod: The Problem Lies in Laudato Si


A disconcerting document like the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod can only be understood as the outcome of the constant growth of an ecologist current in the Church, which had its official recognition and therefore elevation to doctrine in the encyclical Laudato Si (2015). The turning point represented by the encyclical on the environment