Environmental Madness (VI)

Time Magazine

3. Global Warming Is More a Religion than Science The book Aquecimento Global: ciência ou religião? [Global Warming: Science or Religion?], launched in Brasilia in late 2009 by Prof. Gustavo Macedo de Mello Baptista challenges the “dogma” of man-made global warming and calls for a scientific debate. With many illustrations and graphs, it shows how

The Amazon Flows into the Tiber (With the help of the Rhine)

Dom Erwin kräutler

As the Pan-Amazon Synod approaches, the number of concerned voices is growing. What seemed until a few months ago an almost folkloric event, an echo from distant and mysterious lands without any impact on the European continent, now begins to be seen in its right dimension: a threat to the very foundations of the universal

Viri probati, a Degradation of the Catholic Priesthood


We are in the final stretch towards the Synod on the Amazon and, providentially, in these months I find myself teaching theology and philosophy at the Seminary of the Prelature of Moyobamba, one of the two diocesan missions of the Archdiocese of Toledo. The Prelature of Moyobamba practically includes the Department of San Martín, in